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Awkward but good

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so this week has been an interesting one. My SD5 graduated from pre school and it was the first time in awhile that dH and BM have been in the same room together (besides family justice etc) It actually went really well, both realize that it was SD5's day (DH would always put her first but BM is another story drama queen lol)
I was so happy that day went well and no arguing! (only thing i could have done without was SD5 hair being straightened. i love her curls lol but that's just me lol)

This weekend when I picked up SD5 for her weekend with DH, we went to pick him up from work (he is a tattoo artist and body piercer!) She wanted to get her ears piecered, DH started to slowly set up (waiting for her to change her mind as usual lol) but she never, I contacted BM and she came over with her other BD. It was nice to see both of them doing stuff together for SD5. She only ended up getting 1 ear done for right she said it hurt to much lol a bit of a drama queen lol

so all in all some good things happened this week!! it was a nice change!