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A PASinator BM appeared on Dr. Phil, and he reamed her for it!

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This episode took place this past week. What a bitter BM. I feel for those kids. I don't think biodad is perfect, but I think he's trying to do the best he can for his kids.


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I agree with this. Both of them have screwed up. However, I think BM is worse for getting them involved in discussions and decisions that should be reserved for the parents.

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Oh jeez, I was wayyyyy off. I thought it stood for Passive Agressive Shit or something, lol

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Another slant on PAS is DRMMS (Divorce Related Malicious Mother Syndrome). The link to a good paper on this is below. This paper by Dr. Turkat is a foundational resourse that is used fairly frequently to introduce Judges to PAS and the associated toxic behaviors of a manipulative parent.