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OT - Women Wednesday

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The last several workdays, I have been tied to my computer. I'm not getting up and stretching often enough which is causing my neck and shoulders to tighten up terribly. I loathe massage, but would love to sit in a Jacuzzi and let the water pound away the tightness in my muscles. Since I don't have access to a Jacuzzi at this time, I'll have to resort to some stretching to try and loosen up.

What kind of stretches do you do to loosen up?


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I found the perfect solution lol.... I put a whole lot of old phone directories under my pc screen so it's level with my eyes, I can slosh back in my chair and no problem - do not have to sit like the hunchback anymore..

then evenings, I put a nice warm water bottle under my shoulders... and I relax reading... takes it all out.

stretching - grab your hands at the back and lift, about 10 times early mornings... you will get use to the sound op popping shoulders lol, and I stretch in bed like a cat.... when I wake up..

for the rest - I've been walking my ass off... a fucknut dented my car at the mall and I send off to the repair shop, gone for a week lol I walk to the office and back home at nights.... about 12 mile one way lol

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I push my shoulders back a few times every half hour or so...think touch your triceps together...also I raised my laptop 3 inches so I'm not looking down as much

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I have an ergonomic desk setup, but it doesn't help with all computer-related work. Sad

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That's what I want! I want one of those standing desks with the treadmill option so I could walk while working!

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can you get an exercise ball to sit on?

i sit on my ass all day, and have done so for the last 18 1/2 years. sometimes i'll grab hands behind my back, stiffen my arms and pull my shoulder blades together (looks like your thrusting out your hooties lol!)

i also have this bad@$$ massager at home, i'll see if i can find one like it online to show you.

ETA - ok, found one similar, mine is just has a wooden handle and a flat, thin metal shaft. once you get a rhythm it takes very little wrist movement and you can pound the everloving$#!t out of some muscle knots!!!!

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Tuff, sweetie... you KNOW how clumsy I am. How long do you think it would take for me to move the wrong way and fall off of that ball? }:)

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Oh, geez, no kidding. Are you trying to kill her, Tuff?

I also have a bad @$$ massager at home, his name is DH.

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Don't try to kill me, Tuff!! I'll behave! But the SDs can still go suck rocks. Preferably rocks covered in tons of fish poop... Dirol

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Sometimes something as simple as standing up and slowly circling my weight from one foot to the other, then going the other way is enough. It kind of forces my entire body to shift slightly as I move, into a position that works better.

For a while at least.

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Moe, I try to get up and move, but I get so involved in what I'm doing that a lot of time passes without me realizing it. Until I stand up and am stiff as a board.

It would be so nice if my chair had a mechanism that, at set intervals, vibrated and gave me 10 seconds to save what I'm doing, then rotated 180 degrees and tilted slightly, so I'd be forced to stand up and move.