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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday is in the house! Just under 5 hours until my weekend officially begins. *yahoo*

And away we go with Eff Off Friday!

Eff off to:

  • King Pita. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Have you ever wanted to reach through the internet and slap someone? KP does a half-arsed job reading things and constantly sends emails asking questions that were already answered in the initial email. Or he doesn't like the way something is worded. This from the doofus who can barely write a basic, comprehensible sentence. I honestly don't think this effer knows how to be anything other than really annoying. In fact, his initials should be KRAP - King "Really Annoying" Pita. *diablo*
  • Massage. Yep. I bloody well loathe getting a massage, but it's part of my physical therapy. It's such FUN, lying there with the zipper of my sports bra digging into my solar plexus, having someone knead and rub and elbow my uncooperative muscles. "But you'll feel so much better afterwards, Aniki!" Horsepuckey. I was so slickery, I thought my clothes were gonna slide off and had to go home and shower off the combination of hand sanitizer and cocoa butter. YUCK. And FTR? I feel like I went 83 rounds in a cage fight with a semi-conscious Nurmagomedov. *bomb*
  • Sports bras. Nothing like having your mammaries squashed into a centralized Uniboob. There is NO style I like. Pullover is a major PITA. Hooks are tedious. Zippered are frustrating (and damn near impossible without that hook in the middle). I miss spandex crops tanks that firmly held Second Base in place. I could jump up and down and there was NO movement. Sigh...
  • Me. I've been procrastinating on making my dress for SS21's upcoming wedding and now have 10 days to complete it. *dash1*


Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!


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And I thought I was the only person on the planet who hated massages. Had a therapist try to get me to have regular massages so that I would get used to people touching me. Well, I don't want people touching me.  i didn't get her point on that one, but otherwise loved her.

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"...have regular massages so that I would get used to people touching me."

Oh, HELL NO!!! I like my therapist, too, Merry, but regular massage? ~shudder~ 

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I only get massages from DH, HOWEVER, he can feel where there are problems (tension, anxiety, and what not), which means a deep tissue massage, which F^CKING HURT. I feel much better afterwards, but damn.

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Hereiam, I usually have bruises after deep tissue massage. Being fair-skinned contributes to that somewhat. But you're spot on - it F^CKING HURTS!

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Hereiam, I usually have bruises after deep tissue massage. Being fair-skinned contributes to that somewhat. But you're spot on - it F^CKING HURTS!

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Can't live with 'em - Can't live without 'em.  Sports bras are one area where I spend some extra dough to get something reasonably comfortable - but still a PITA to wear.

Eff off to refinancing a mortgage.  The bank is showing a closing date of MONDAY for the new loan (2.75% fixed - woo hoo) but still nothing on if and how that will actually happen.  This after spending the last month uploading every official document possible.

But it's get through today and then happy hour at home for us!


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I've yet to find a sports bra that is comparable to my old spandex crop tanks, caninelover. There are days I'd like to wrap myself with duct tape in lieu of putting on one of those dastardly things.

Hope you that refinance happens for you soon!

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Eff off to work.  I need a longer vacation, more than just a long weekend. I'm tired. I don't want to read my emails. In fact, I may just take a nap here on the office couch...thank goodness for remote work sometime.  DH and I won't have a longer vacation, more than 4 days (which is better than I've been doing) until end of Aug - but I'm actively planning that one now. Then another in September and again in November.

I love massages and I want a facial and a pedi. But all the places in my area are so overbooked we cannot even get a call/email back (my friend and I have been trying and I'm getting annoyed at our local providers...ever heard of a call log people? Booking as first come first serve and making call backs????). I gave up with my hair person for the time being and just booked a cut when we're across the state on our short-ish vaca later this month.

Sport bras are a necessity. I do think they've gone down in quality since about 10 years ago.  I have two favorites that are older and need replacing but I don't want to because I won't find better ones.  I guess one needs to spend $100 on one nowdays. And Aniki I remember those tight tanks!  They were great!  I had several of them!

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Cover, I'm tired, too. For me, I think it's a combo of stress, work, work stress, menopause, and injuries. The injuries, especially. I have a hairline fracture in my left wrist and it bloody well aches like crazy. Back and abdominal muscles on my right side are "at war" with one another and hurt constantly. Add that loathsome massage to the mix. And the icing on the ol' crap cake? I twisted my left ankle last night. Getting out of the car (at PT, no less), I stepped on a rock that moved when I put my weight on it and my left ankle snapped out. There's a lovely burning sensation in it. Sleep last night was darn near impossible - could NOT get comfortable - and I'm tired and cranky today. 

There is no way I'm going to spend $$$ on some freaking spandex boob holder. Those tanks cost me a whopping $3 each and I miss them sooooooooo much! Why couldn't they last forever? Sigh...

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Oh yes, it's not just work.  It's the lack of a break, personally and professionally, YSD, OSD/BM situation and DH stresing out (he's better but he still stresses at times), taking care of the house (outsourcing things is good but still requires arrangements and my being here), the weather being not summer yet, exercise slow due to my hip injury - which is so much better but it's stiff and my hip/leg muscles are weak and my body is off kilter so i'm still doing a lot of PT exerceises and as much walking as possible to get things ready for my first bike experience in two weeks (off it for over three months now!). 

I just want to sleep, read and watch bad tv.  Which I may do the rest of the afternoon.

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I would love to fall asleep for 4 hours without interruption. The best I can manage is 2 hours before I wake up. Yes, I can usually go back to sleep, but I would very much like to sleep longer than 1-2 stretches. 

Some nostalgic movies/tv shows sound good to me. Ellery Queen, Parent Trap (the original) Hogan's Heroes, Escape To/Return From Witch Mountain, The Gong Show, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Murder She Wrote, Willie Wonka (with Gene Wilder; not that horrid remake with Depp), Soul Train, Xanadu, Bugs Bunny...

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I find that I at 9 pm I am lterally unable to keep my eyes open for a minute longer, and fall right to sleep.  Then at midnight I wake up - and I mean wide awake - and cannot fall back to sleep for another 2-3 hours.  Then I do fall asleep and when the alarm goes off it takes a crowbar to pry my eyelids open.

I hate menopause and miss my youthful days of a full and good night's sleep. 

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I swear my circadian rhythm is either longer than 24 hours or permanently out of order. It has never been good - even when I had the same wake-up/go-to-bed times 7 days a week for several years. I'm sure it doesn't help that I have been a chronic insomniac most of my life. Can't blame that on menopause!

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after 9 staight weekends I had ONE off.  Now I'm right back to working on Sunday again. I need a vacation...a long one.

I love massages and facials. DH booked me both for next weekend...(he senses inbalance in the in Halo's going off the bend).  Cannot wait...

Eff off to work wanting us in the office three days...what part of I don't like people and all of the people I work with are on a difference continent and 12+hours ahead of me.  Me being in the office does SQUAT.  I'm still on a conference call but now everyone can hear because we have plague cubes.  (cubicals that have 4 foot high walls....ya know so they can foster collaboration..but in reality just make every cold/flu run plague cubes)

Upside...GWR IS OFF THE BOOKS.  Its official his CS has ended and Beaver has lost 600+ dollars a month now.  

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I am NOT looking forward to going back to the office and our plague cubes (luv that!). Too many people seem to think that one side of my cube is a social gathering place. Hopefully, that won't start up again.

Woo Hoo!!! That's fantastic! BioHo took a major hit when CS ended. Her wardrobe, nails, and (lack of) hair dye have never been the same. ~snortie~

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I am dreading it.  I too have most of my projects with global teams and don't think its necessary for me to be in the office.  I also detest the office smalltalk and have one co-worker who loves to organize 'team lunches' that make me want to poke my eyeballs out so I can go to the hospital ER instead of lunch.

Honestly I would make a big stink about being full time remote but will likely be leaving this job early next year anyway - so it seems better to go along with the plan for a little while - before turning in my notice Smile

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To my eyes, myopia really and truly sucks.

eff off to kidney stones. As much as he has made me upset, I don wish them on Husband. Hopefully he passes whatever it is by tonight, because theres a beach party and I want to get out in front of a bonfire. Otherwise its netflix and my book reading.

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Eff off anxiety and panic attacks.  I'm not getting what you're trying to tell me here.  Do I need to take better care of myself?  Ok fine, but do you have to communicate this with anxiety and panic attacks? No you don't.  

Eff off to headaches.  Really, just go away.  

Eff off to stress causing me to clench my teeth so much that I've cracked two of them, my jaw hurts sometimes, or it's stiff.  I have a night guard that I wear to bed now and I wake up with a stiff jaw.  

Eff off insomnia.  Why can't I be as tired when I go to bed as I am when I wake up?  

Is this perimenopause?  If so, eff off to it.  

Eff off to the horrible germs that have caused our two new guinea pigs to have an upper respiratory infection that require antibiotics.  I hope they cooperate.  Yikes.  I took them and the senior piggie to the vet today because one of the babies was coughing and sneezing.  I figured I'd have them all checked.  I'm glad I did.  Good news is the senior piggie was given a clean bill of health.  Bad news is this visit cost $200.  They're worth it though.  Respiratory infections can kill them so I'm glad I had them checked before it could get in their lungs.  

Eff off to my husband's flat tire.  I couldn't get back to the repair place in time so now his car has the spare on it and will until Monday and he'll have to use my car again.  

Eff off to this whole crazy day.  

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Gads, PetSpoiler! You're certainly having a time of it. {{{hugs}}}

I swear sometimes that anxiety is like a baby: it yells or cries and we don't always know why. If only we could train it to "use your words" so we know steps to take.