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OT - Throwback Thursday

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This has been a loooooong week. I've spent most of the day running here, there, and everywhere and am FINALLY sitting down. Unfortunately, I'm on a mucho boring conference call. HAVE to be on it, but cannot contribute to it. So.....

Throwback Thursday! Do you have any favorite Fall memories?

When I was a kid, there was one big thing we did in Fall: Fall Cleanup. That involved housecleaning AND cleaning up the yard.

My siblings and I had to take turns: some helped Mom in the house and some helped Dad outside. As a kid, I wanted to be outdoors as much as possible and thought that cleaning up the yard was oodles more fun than housecleaning! 

One year, my sisters and I were the ones outside helping Dad. Dad had a fire going and did some fence repairs. I was picking up loose sticks/branches and my sisters were raking big piles of leaves. Dad told us to take a break and went inside for a few minutes. My sisters decided it would be fun to jump in the leaf piles (I was too busy poking the fire). 

They did their jumping and rolling, then sat down to wait for Dad.

#1: What's that smell?
#2: ~sniffs~ Ew! It smells like dog sh!t! (Dad wasn't around, so...)
#1: Ew, it DOES smell like dog sh!t! 
~they both got up on their knees, looked around, did not SEE any dog sh!t, and sat back down~

At that point, sister #2 wrapped her arms around her knees and..... that dog poop was all over the knees of her jeans. It was right in front of her and when she got up to look for it, stuck her knees right in it. ~shrieks~

Sister #1 laughed like a hyena! Until she slapped her hand on her knee....smack dab in dog poop. ~shrieks~

Naturally, that started the dancing around and "oh it's SO GROSS" and "it's on my HANDS" and frantic wiping of hands on grass... while I laughed and laughed and laughed. 

Evil Aniki


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I am LOL reading this..LOL

So did my 2 beagles..

That is one of those memories you'll never forget..the smell..LOL

AND  this would DEF make that boring conference call lively if you could 'share'.



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Wicked, this is a perfect example of why you should pay attention to your surroundings. *diablo*

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Time to break out the Halloween decorations this weekend!!  Who will do this year's scary movie thread?

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Scary movie thread as in:

Give a title and synopsis of your Stephell-themed Halloween movie?

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I decorated my house last weekend, but I hold out decorating the front yard until the week of Halloween, too many tweakers who like to steal stuff.

My favorite fall throwback was seeing all the halloween decorations come out at the stores. Back before they put up Christmas in July. All the fall scents would come out and it would get you in the mood for cold evenings and spooky movies on t.v.

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Such a shame you can't put things out for fear of thieving arseholes!

The grocery store had some spicy scented pinecones, so I bought a bag and placed individual pinecones around the house. The house smells like Fall and makes me want to BAKE!

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hahahaha.  my fall memories were starting school... and it was always too hot to wear new school clothes..hehe

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hehe.. only in those nightmares we all have of showing up without clothes.

Nope.. choice was to either wear our summer stuff which wasn't nice any more because it was the end of summer.. or sweat profusely in that new sweater.. lol.

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Isn't it AWFUL?! How dare my parents raise us to be self-sufficient, wage-earning, responsible adults!!!

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My favorite fall memory is making apple,blackberry and lingonberry pazcki with grandma the house would smell so good for weeks.! Lol the smell lasted longer than the actual pazcki themselves. Come to think of it i think I'm her only grandchild who bothered to learn her recipies cuz none of my cousons or sisters wanted to bother with her thick polish accent or even attempt to learn more than two words in her language..i miss her alot now that I'm grown and she can't remember me 

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I loved being in the kitchen when my grandmothers cooked. They never used measuring spoons or cups!

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YES! My niece-in-law learned to cook that way from her grandmother and said she has no idea how to give measurements in recipes. I told her just to write down 'handful' or 'pinch' or whatever she uses. A decent cook should be able to adjust.