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OT - Throwback Thursday

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Happy Thursday, STalkers. One day closer to the weekend!!

Throwing back to childhood, what was your most memorable gift?

I was 10. My parents gave me this really neat gift - no idea what it was called. It was a bunch cardboard equilateral triangles (with bent sides) and plastic clips (to clip together the triangles) and an instruction booklet. Some of the triangles had small holes (windows), some were solid, and 2 had large holes (entrance/exit). You could clip them together into a variety of shapes (shown in the booklet). My favorite was The Igloo. I had that igloo in my room all of the time!! It was usually covered with a sheet so no one could look into the little windows (my she cave!).

Somewhere in my parents' house in one of the boxes of family pictures, is one of me on Christmas day. I'm wearing my favorite purple flannel pajamas and am poking my head out of the top of that igloo with a YUGE grin on my face.


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Awe Aniki what a fun memory, do you think that toy could possibly still be boxed up somewhere?

My favorite toy was the Playdough Monster Shop, it was my only request and it was the one toy I got that I loved and played with it forever. Even after the playdough was dried up and rock hard and the colors were all mashed together into that gray color.

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Advice, the only place is could possibly be is in the attic. No one has been up there in many years. That thing was getting pretty worn out, so it's likely it got thrown away (if so, I blocked that!!).

I wish I could recreate that. Just need a whoooooole lot of cardboard and some clips. And a bigger entrance to accommodate my bigger butt... Dirol

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I remember alot of toys I got as a kid, Capt. Kirk Doll ( before they were called action figuires lol ) , BattleStar Gallactica Viper with the missles that shot out, declared a choking hazard by the Fun Nazis but the one toy I remember and still have is the Nerf Blaster my mother bought me the Christmas before she passed away, when she purchased it the cashier made small talk and asked if it was for her Grandson and my mother replied " no it's for my son, he's 44 but he still deserves a toy on Christmas" I don't even let the Gskids play with it lol

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I wondered what insecure male decided those dolls needed to be renamed to action figures...

Nerf Blaster - how cool!!! Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional!!!

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Ok I'm a hairdresser. I really think my gift in second-grade put me on the path........ I got a Barbie beauty styling head. Swear I combed the thing bald!!!!!!!!!

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It was a chemistry set and I was 9. I uh..... didn't really mean to blow up my moms hair dryer thing. *unknw*