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O/T Noisy Co-Workers. (Vent)

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My cubical mate makes TONS of noise:

-the jingle jangle of massive amounts of bangle bracelets
-the "clip clop clip clop clip clop" of her mule sandals slappng the bottom of her feet as she stomps up and down the hallway every 15 many minutes
-the banging of computer equipment on her desk (she works with rough use laptops and boy is she ROUGH



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Oh and her battery backup unit going off randomly
Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep!!!!!!

And its on her LAPTOP for crying out loud! !

She thinks that it's some sort of conspiracy because she KNOWS her battery in the backup unit is good (eyeroll)

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Seriously! I HATE those Bath and Body lotions that smell like Strawberries or Chocolate or cookies... like gross! Who wants to walk around smelling like a sugar cookie? Not I

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I had to tell a guy I worked with once that we had a policy against strong smelling cologne. We didn't, but he was new and didn't know that I guess cause he stopped. But he smelled strong in the morning like cologne, but it was even more strong after lunch like he re-applied it super-duper style! Ugh, we all had headaches, finally I just told him it was great that he didn't smell bad, we appreciated that, but he had to wear WAY less cause we all were getting sick from him wearing too much.

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I work with a lady who calls her husband AT least 30 times a day. He is retired and she micromanages his day from here and talks very loudly so we all know what his plan is for the day. She is really negative all the time and not very nice but can never understand why shit always happens to her?? MMM IDK? Karma?

Another lady who works here must have some sort of stomach problem because she blows up our bathroom at least once a day and won't spray when she is done. SPRAY PLEASE! I will walk in there and about pass out from the funk.

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I have bangle bracelets on today... thankfully I have my own office and my sole "coworker" who works in the classroom next to my office is out today, he is also hard of hearing, so I'm thinking my bangle bracelets wouldn't bother him anyway, but now I'm going to have to ask! lol

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the only person I work with even remotely closely has this annoying habit of while he's talking, he will randomly and continually blow out his bottom lip (like a girl would do if she was blowing her bangs out of her face??) I want to punch him in the head. Like WTF dude, you have short spiked/gelled hair that does not move, so why do you keep acting like a freaking 14 year old valley girl??

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I work with 3 others. One speaks VERY LOUD and most of her job involves being on the phone. I cannot concentrate most of the time. The other two chat all day long and make personal phone calls.

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Bring in some really obnoxious air freshener crap for your desk. And maybe something really stinky for lunch at your desk.

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I get to hear overhear crazy BM conversations because everyone in my office is a woman, with the exception of the owner and an I.T. guy. And most are crazy BMs.

We also have a lady who noisily micromanages her entire family from the phone at work. She is also extremely nosy. I work in HR/Payroll and every time she comes to give me something or gets near my desk her eyeballs are constantly scanning to see what she can find out about people by "casually" snooping on the papers on my desk or what's on my computer screen. And she's a pearl-clutcher. Overdramatizes EVERYTHING.

We also have issues with people dressing inappropriately. So much so that we have had to write the words “nipples”, “genitals” and “cameltoe” into our official dress code policy in the handbook.

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Ugh! My cubicle mate is usually quiet except when it comes to lunch time. This guy has the absolute WORST eating habits I have ever seen in a human being!


WTF Guy!?! Are you eating or are you trying to breathe through that pile of pasta you just shoveled down your gullet? I swear, I know Iguanas with better table manners!