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OT - the Pennys have their house for sale

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Remember the Pennys?

They finally got their house "ready" and put it on the market. After a week - yes, 7 days - Mrs Penny is aaaaaaaaall upset. 

  • She's had to "show the house" 3 times and is "exhausted" 
  • NO ONE has made an offer
  • It should be sold already!


Wowzers, huh? The Pennys are not in an area where real estate is selling like hotcakes (or toilet paper...). Their house is not something people are foooooaming at the mouth to snap up (trailer). 7 days and 3 showings sounds like a LOT to me. 


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Are they still headed for Mexico? Maybe they should start offering some free toilet paper for every showing, it might up the foot traffic.

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They have a "meat business" where they sell pork products and tried enticing people inside with free TP.

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translation:  the price is too high

back in 2006 I had an offer the first week it went on the market

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But thrice! This is THE PENNYS!!! 

Seriously though... are you in an area where people are hot to buy? The Pennys are NOT. Real estate is slow going where they live.


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there are pockets of "hotness"  one of the suburbs in our county has housing flying off the shelves.  The rest, well, as they say, Andrew Cuomo wins all sales records at U-Haul.

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The closest the Pennys are to a Hot Pocket is the freezer section of the grocery store (the pepperoni ones are tolerable!). That's if their grocery has any left...

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Is it listed on Zillow or Craig's list?I want to see this palace..

And with interest rates at rock bottom this house should fly off the market unless it is a dump..that's EL Dumpo for the good people of  Tijuana waiting to welcome the Penny's.

Maybe they should make a house "swap" with someone in that area?

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No tengo idea, Wicked.
(I have no idea, Wicked.)

The Pennys are moving to Mexico because it's too expensive and Mrs Penny cannot tolerate the heat. 

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Oh dear!  we are in the process of selling our house and buying another - it is a looooong process and hardly anyone, in any country, is lucky enough to sell after just 3 viewings.  I think it took us 13 showings over about 2 months before we got a serious buyer. 

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I've sold a house before, so I know it's a rarity to be able to sell a crappy house in a crappy area in a week. They're delusional!