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OT - the Pennys are moving....

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Yesterday's blog:

Met my friend for dinner last night and got the new poop.

Penny and Mr. Penny are selling their trailor in Arizona and moving to...







Let's hope they do some facking research. Any bets on how long it will be before they scurry back across the border? Gads.


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I didn't comment yesterday but yes I am one of those ones that sold my townhouse, quit my job, bought an RV and moved over 4,300 miles away without ever being there, not having a job and didn't know a soul.

It was a do or die for me.  If I didn't go that far away my Ex would have killed me.  I didn't move back to NJ until he had killed himself.  

Sometimes it does work.  I got a job, place for the RV and made many many friends along the way that I still have to this day.  This was 21 years ago.

Good luck to them both.  

She does know that its hot AND humid in Mexico right?


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My dear classy, that is a TOTALLY different kind of situation. It was something I seriously considered after my psycho exh.

But they'll be close to the beeeeeeeach! IOW, she's a bloody fool. I don't care if you're on the beach. Hot and humid is hot and humid. And Penny doesn't swim. ~eye roll~

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Let me clarify, Mexico is a very big county, with many climates, seasons and micro-climates.  Hot and humid can apply to the Yucatan and more coastal areas...where the mountains/central has some of the best climate in the world. 

We are personally looking at MX for retirement. Or course I speak fluent Spanish and my DH could learn between now and then.

People have a very distorted/incorrect view of Mexico btw.  Here's just one video

It has beautiful beaches, beautiful mountains, sierras, waterfalls unlike anywhere else (Huatesca Potosina and Palenque area for one).  It has rich incredible colonial cities and architecture, jungles, tons of Mayan and Aztec ruins with eachone having a different flavor/character.  I find it actually a lot more interesting then the US. The food is incredible (Oaxaca/Puebla/DF) the people are so friendly, humble and helpful.  I love everything about it. I plan to spend a trip a year between now/then to discover as much as I can and settle on a place...won't be at the beach though :) 

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Ummm I think he watches to much house hunters and my vacation home on HGTV and he needs to stop. If they want cheap retirement and hot desert, send them here, we have work, and we've got plenty of earthquakes to help keep it interesting.

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This is getting as entertaining as the Anne and Sailor Talk Mary episodes, lol!

Wow!  I would def never consider moving to a country where I don't know the native language!!!!

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Aniki~ pero que esta pasando con Los Penny's?

Como van de una clima caliente a otro?

Goodness I hope they did their homework!


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No tengo idea, Siempre. Pienso que los Pennys son muy locos. O muy estupidos...

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So, I have a long time friend who, when her youngest went off to college, sold the family home in Colorado, sold off her husband's business (franchise) and the two of them moved to Mexico.  "It will be great!"  "The cost of living is next to nothing!"   "the weather is amazing!"  All the while, I kept thinking to myself, you know nothing about Mexico and you don't speak Spanish. 

Six months later, they were looking at houses in Traverse City, you know, "as a getaway for when it gets too hot here in fabulous Mexico."   "It will be great because we can rent it out when we aren't there."  I thought to myself, well that won't work since tourist season in TC is the summer and that's when you'll be there, but okay.   I made a bet with another friend that soon enough, they would be in Traverse City full time.

Almost 18 months totheday, they announced they were in TC full time.  

Mexico - sucking in Americans since forever Smile

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Unless Penny's hubby sees another magical picture of Hawaii or Columbia or Egypt or something and decides they should live near pryamids or volcanos, lol!

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that is all...

wait ~ one more thing ~

mucho tonto