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Spam and PMs

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Folks, I have already deleted 3 spam/troll blogs. If you receive any harassing PMs, please message a Moderator ASAP. *help*


ETA: Make that 9. 
Some people are in serious need of a hobby.


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You rock!

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I couldn't figure out what the point of the up/down font was.  Perhaps because I only ever saw it used poorly (mostly by people who were being passive aggressive or pi$$y) I never made the connection.    Thanks Tog!!  Now I know it's supposed to be sarcastic!!

And super thanks to Aniki for helping me to miss the vulgar and stupid posts!!!  You've got your hands full this morning!

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Does that mean people who type hApPy BirTHdaY are being sarcastic?? *scratch_one-s_head*

Mominit, I'm hoping they were missed by the majority! I have big hands... Wink

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People on Reddit use it as a way of expressing sarcasm, basically.

The Happy Birthday people probably don't realize what they are doing, lol.

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There were several this morning. The one at 1:24am was particularly vile. 

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Appreciat you helping on ST, which I value and credit with helping me on soooooo many levels (step-parent, financial, healthy vs. toxic marriage, and now divorce).

I flag b.s. scam/troll blogs & forum posts every time I run across one, & have seen a lot more lately. "People are strange" plays in my head when I see that crap. Biggrin


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StepUltimate, I truly believe I'd be divorced if I hadn't found STalk. There are a lot of good people on here. Smile

Ha, good song!

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I would have definitely ended my relationship with DH.  Before I found ST I was reading how people managed after divorce blogs

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My DH and I clashed a lot. Sometimes he would go get in his car and drive for hours or I'd sit/walk on the beach for hours. Then I learned about disengagement. 7+ years later, we're solid, happy, and things are good with the skids.

Steplife is not for everyone. Like any marriage, it's work. But there is also a lot of give and take, compromise, and sometimes biting your tongue and looking the other way.