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Is it Sunday yet?

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I worked yesterday. Day from hell at work. Came home. YSS still in clothes from his moms. No big deal right? Well considering she makes a big deal out of it when he forgets to bring a sock back, yes it's a big deal. Especially since he's rolling around in the grease under a truck with his uncle.
Now this morning my 17 year old son tells me how YSS had sneaked into his room and taken his video game that he's not allowed to play and been playing it last night (fell asleep playing it and it was still on when my oldest got up this morning). HELL NO. I am pissed off now. Golden child has gone too effing far for far too long. Video games are now gone. I don't give a damn if he whines. He hates me already. I don't give a damn if DH thinks I'm mean. I'm sick of this kid acting like no one else or their stuff means a thing. He can hide in his room all weekend and go home and tell his mom how mean I am. I don't give a damn.I'm sick of her running my house and this kid running my house two weekends a month. And DH never running the house. Again YSS does whatever he wants and has now proven once again he thinks other peoples property in our home is also subject to his taking because everything is his like usual. Amazed he didn't write his name on it like he usually does on things he's decided are his.
And the first words out of DH's mouth yesterday were: he's been really good today.
What can I expect when DH doesn't make sure he changes his clothes. I'm in crazy town.


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I almost thought I had wrote this myself & didn't remember ..haha. See my last blog.. Send undies back .. Send socks back .. And my SS gets to do whatever he wAnts ... And I hear he was good today all the time .. Nothing can ever be simple .. At least yours is only every other weekend Sad