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Heh idiot...

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Thought everyone might get a kick out of this. Like everyone else school for the skids started a fee weeks ago. They bring home an assignment book each night just for like reports on the kids day and notes back and forth from the teachers. In our home, bc FDH doesn't get home until later in the evening, I write any applicable notes and he just signs them just bc otherwise it won't get done bc he's scatter brained and will forget. Doesn't bother me, and it's no big deal. Haha BM text FDH on Sunday and told him to tell his "nanny" that I need to quit and that I don't have her permission to view "her" childrens personal information. They went back and forth. It was over. Well do what we want anyway. Lol. Anyway we pick the kids up today and there's a note yesterday in their from BM saying "who's writing in my sons assignment book?" the teacher responded with it's not his father? Then no correspondence from today to the teacher about it. Why would she embarrass herself? Dumbass. She was also upset that I signed the cheque for their daughters school fees...really? Really?! Haha bc were all so mature...lmao.


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LOL - any kind of control I suppose. Even if it's dumb. There's nothing she can do about that anyway.

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Gotta love it when the idiot blended family oppostion proves to be so entertaining.

I am/was the CSP (StepDad) to my SS-19 (he is on his own now in the USAF) and have been since he was 1yo. I signed every permission slip, progress report, report card, travel authorization, sports permission slip, note book, reading log, disciplinary notice, etc, etc, etc.... right next to his mom from day one. If she was not available to sign, I did, in my name. No one in authority ever said a word about it. Not that his SpermIdiot or adult memebers of the SpermClan gave a flying rat's shit about his school performance or anything else of note for that matter.

The worst that ever happened was that my wife and I would be referred to as Mr & Mrs (DipShit) when a new year would start with new teachers. We would just laugh and say, "Nope, we are Mr & Mrs Rags".

Good for you for doing your duty as a viable parent to your Skids and partner to your DH. The two of you workign together in the best interests of your kids/skids is far more beneficial to them than their petty idiot BM.

I would make sure to sign ever check, slip, form, PTA meeting notice, etc...... for your SD just to keep the point of BM's idiocy fresh and in BM's face. I truly detest stupid people and your SKid's BM qualifies.

When they are this petty and rediculous they can be a life long source of entertainment.


Have Fun!!!! }:)

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My boyfriend does the same - the xturd hasn't even seen them since before school started so he can say nothing. Heck, the babysitter even signs teh homework book when I have to work late or get hung up in traffic.

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Some people just want to make problems I guess. The more I read stuff like this, the more thankful I am that our Bm was not like that. She was more the kind of person that would fill out her kids school paperwork at the beginning of the year and ask me if she could use my work number as one of the emergency contacts. She did this for years and I always had her as one of my daughters contacts. I don't understand the threat that the BM in your case could feel, by you helping out with school assignments and paperwork. Bummer.

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I have always signed my steps' documents from
school. If the BMs don't like it maybe they should burst into flames
and teach me a real lesson.

In cases like these, I just ignore them and do whatever works for my family anyway.

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That's pretty much what were doing. Ignore it, and do what we want anyway. She threatened to have me thrown in jail for fraud for signing the cheque (I'm on the acct but we didn't order new cheque books bc we had a bunch and didn't see the point) but i would love to see the look on the officers face. Excuse me, what? This isn't your account and you'd like to claim fraudulent activity...yeah can't do that bc how do you know the activity going on? Bwahahahahaha. After 4 years she still refers to me as his whore or his nanny depending on the day. Coming from someone who in the length of time we've been together has lived with 5 different men...I'm not too concerned with her opinion of me :). I just thought it was stupid that she yet again is dragging the kids in to it. He reads, he knows what's going on. Plus, why bring the poor teacher in to our drama? Heh. Idiot. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this is ridiculous. Haha. Thanks guys!!

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Hey this happened to me too but you know what? I signed my SD's homework folder on PURPOSE to piss BM off. You guys are right. When they are this petty, it's entertaining. DH could sign it, because we both do homework with all the kids, but now, I make sure I do the lion's share of the "written" communication in SD's homework folder because it's just so fun. So far BM has:

1. Scratched out one of my notes (and it was a long one).

2. Tried to write the teacher a note in anger but then it was so ugly she wited it out. (It said something like, "Mrs. Teacher, you don't know what she's trying to do.....")

3. Wrote, "Stop writing in her foder you are not her mother I am!!!" (This is verbatim. Note the

We leave it be. But we've taken pictures of the folder before it gets vandalized and I've emailed her teacher these pictures directly. Honestly, the teacher doesn't give a rip about her fight, and rightly so. She just cares about how her pupil is progressing. In her emails she refers to SD as "your daughter". As for the folder, the teacher and I don't talk about it. We just ignore it.

BUT, we've used the pictures as evidence in custody trial. BM cares more about HER rights, than her child's best interest. We won full custody but BM still does this stupid stuff. If she keeps it up, she's going to lose her daughter forever. And I'm not talking about the courts. BM doesn't realize that her daughter is watching.