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update on wicked witch

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Hey everyone, an update on my last blog. So my H went to cali to pick up SD11 from BM since X-mas break was over. As I mentioned before we are in the middle of a court battle with this women because she decided she is ready to be a mother and wants to protect her daughter from me. BLAA BLAA! Its getting so old. Anyways, this women is so stupid, Last summer she refused to send SD back to us and used the excuse that she didn't want me to do the pickup in Cali. My sister lives by the airport and it would of made more sense for me to go and visit my sister than H taking time off of work. So she claimed she didn't trust me to be at the airport to meet SD and didn't know my sister and had issues with SD staying there with me. So my H bought another plane ticket so we could both be there, then the woman say no again and will not send her unless my H signs an agreement to change custody. We of course said no! The she sends SD to her grandmothers house so we had to go to Oklahoma and take SD. She of course called the police to stop us but we had papers in hand.

Okay so now we are in the middle of this battle and SD had to go to BM for XMAS. BM didn't make arrangements to send SD back, so when my H went to court the judge ordered that BM return SD. She actually thought she wouldn't have to send her back... So my H makes flight arrangements and BM calls asking if we can change our flight info. UH NO! She says she has to leave before H will arrive. So H ask if it would be okay if my sister picks up my SD until he gets there. BM says yes. This woman is so dumb, during the summer she didn't trust my sister and I was even going to be there, and now she will just hand SD off to some woman BM doesn't know. She contradicts herself all the time. I swear she has a mental disorder.


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Crazy!! We had the same thing. Eight months ago wingnut was calling cps because dh wouldn't agree to a child psychiatrist (again - after the last child psychiatrist said SD is fine and Wingnut is the problem) and because sd still says we hit her, now we HAVE to babysit while she is working because she can't afford a sitter. HHHmmmm I guess when she found out that CS and alimony were set and that dh wasn't responsible for child care (other than daycare) on her watch, we were suddenly decent enough to see dh's kid. We went from "he needs supervision and should only get EOW" to having the kid 75% of the time. BM's fit the situation to agree with whatever crazy desires they have at the given moment.

I wish I could change history the way Wingnut does. In her mind (now) she never said we were abusive. Uh, hi, you turned us in to cps, we have the documentation. "whatever do you mean? I did no such thing."

"God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy" and you can't change crazy!!

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Whould she really say that?
I think its so funny, when people try to say they never did something, when you have documtation that they did.

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She did say it. She is truly a nutbag. Living in la-la land must be pretty easy when you don't take any responsibility for your own behavior.

"God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy" and you can't change crazy!!