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Beating my head against a wall...

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We live in Florida. Child support ends at 18 or graduated, whichever comes later, and can go no later than 19 as long as child is in high school making a good faith effort to graduate.
SD graduated in June. Turned 18 in August. CS was paid through the state depository, and they closed the case and terminated the income withholding order a week after SD turned 18. We asked was that it? And they said yes-that they would send the info to the county and the case would be closed. We specifically asked did we need to go to court to have the order vacated and were told no. The termination order had SD's name, date of birth, that DH had no arrears and that the case was closed.

What do we get in the mail yesterday? Payment coupons. Yep.
The state sent the termination of services letter to the county on October 24. On October 24th, the county started attaching arrears to DH because they didn't close the case. You would think since the STATE pulled the same child support court order, read the requirements, saw that SD was 18 and graduated and terminated, that the county could do the same, right?
Wrong. One dumbass today at the Clerk Of Court argued with me for 30 minutes about the arrears, that aren't really arrears. When I finally got it through her thick head that something was WRONG with the way the clerk input the termination in the county system, because WHY would DH have arrears on an 18 year old emancipated adult AFTER she turned 18-I was told "well, ya'll gon have to keep on paying that ex until she decides she don't want no mo money."

I could pull my hair out. DH has to go to the courthouse tomorrow with the divorce papers, birth certificate for SD, graduation announcement from the school, termination papers from the state-and we arent guaranteed they will fix it. Per the state, we may have to file a motion to vacate the support order, and another motion to vacate arrears. Then go in front of a judge.
THIS is what our courts and judges spend their time on? Its their OWN court order!!!

I had to vent. I thought we were done with the crab infested Kraken but evidently not.


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We asked. We got copies of everything. We made sure everything said ZERO ZERO ZERO, CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED.

I dont even know. If the court clerk won't fix it tomorrow, I may just get an attorney. I cant deal with the stress of doing this on our own, filing affidavits and motions...I just can't.

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I know, but the funny thing is, CSE did what they were supposed to do. They closed it and were done with it. It's the county level that can't get it straight. I am figuring I will probably have to pay an attorney $1000.00 to clear this up. We need it done SOON, DH has a perfect credit rating and we don't need that headache as well.

I'm so upset.

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I think so. I sat here with my mouth hanging open at the incredibly bad and erroneous "advice" they were handing out. Imagine not knowing anything about the court system at all and trying to navigate that mess??????

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Wow, what a mess!

I'm so glad my DH's CS termination went smoothly... he filled out the paperwork, had it notorized, turned it into the clerk of courts and about 10 days later we had the signed paperwork from the judge. Done... after 17 years.

We figured there would be a couple additional weeks paid to BM because he had to have the order stopped thru work also, and so you can imagine our surprise when he received TWO checks from CSE, they had "intercepted" payments for both weeks and send them back to DH.

Chuckles ensued when BM called asking where her money was (for the LAST TIME) because she was figuring on a couple additional weeks until all the withholdings could be stopped. She even asked DH if he could pay her for those weeks because she needed the money... after 17 years of living off his CS, you didn't see this coming? Seriously?