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Oh Meth Mouth it’s Been Awhile

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Meth Mouth go busted yesterday for driving on a suspended license and low and behold her passenger (long time dirt bag drug dealer boyfriend) got busted as well for meth and an outstanding warrant...nothing ever changes with her.

Spawn is at it on social media, but at least she's equal opportunity bashing at this point.  Last week she posted about having a drug addict parent will mess with you even when you are an adult.  Yesterday for Fathers Day she posted about how abusive fathers cause daddy issues...eye roll.  I guess having her phone taken away at 16 for sending naked photos is considered abusive. 



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Good Lord. 

I can't imagine having a parent arrested....on al.

It's sad that it has been so "normalized" that people post about it on social media. When I was growing up and even a young adult, that is the kind of thing that people tried to HIDE. 

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Well for Spawn it's been her reality since she was around 10.  I'm shocked she didn't contact DH to blame him...every time Meth Mouth gets busted it's DHs fault...but the week is still young and she was just busted he may still get bitched at by Spawn. 

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sounds like you've been on a real trip with this one, I am going through a lot with the spawn in my story too. Meth has also been involved, I'm  sorry Sad


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I hope spawn can heal from all this damage inflicted on her by her bad upbringing. I hope she gets lots of sympathy!

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Oh I'm sure Spawn gets all the sympathy, until she uses the person up or stabs them in the back, or screws them out of money.

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Now you know Meth Mouth is mother of the year.

Of course it is your husbands fault she was busted AGAIN....he must have been the master mind behind everything. He set everything UP.

I feel your pain, I realllly do.


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Lol right, that's what Spawn told him one time that he had friends on the police force....ummm it's small town, most everybody knows somebody on the police force.

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How does one come to be like that... how does Spawn honestly think her father was abusive?!! These kids are so detached from reality it's sad. 

Tell her to go visit a 3rd world country or any major city where people ACTUALLY live in poverty and see how some kids have no choice to grow up in..

Spolied brats

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Spawn learned how to be a victim at the knobby knee of Meth Mouth. Having empathy or sympathy for anybody or anything is outside of Spawn's scope, because it's not directly related to her.