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OT - Coward's Way

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Well I am currently still working at my job, the new one is in the works and I am waiting ever so patiently for it to start (read heavy sarcasm).

Today I got up and realized I just can't do this anymore.  I got to work and was doing my work and somebody in the group sent me an e-mail, I know you can't read tone in a message, but just the way it was written I took it offensively, and that's when I realized I just couldn't be there anymore.  I packed up my stuff and put  myself on leave for the rest of the day.

OT-Job Update

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I really didn't think things could get worse, but they did.  I came in on Monday to a meeting maker with my boss.  I figured he wanted to talk to me about work stuff so I headed in there with a pad and pen and was all cheerful and good morning,

He pretty much ripped me a new one, didn't like that one and ripped me another new one.  The amount of vehemence and anger he displayed toward me was shocking.  It wasnt just a boss talking to an employee about not doing something right, this was personal as in he hates me and he wants me to know it.

OT - Update to "need to get this out"

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Well person A asked to talk to me Monday morning and I asked to have a supervisor present...she agreed and then walked away and mocked me to a co-worker about wanting a supervisor present.

Ultimately person A acted shocked and hurt and upset with the texts messages.  The supervisor asked me how we could avoid this in future  I told her flat out "Don't text my personal cell phone after hours about work, especially since I never gave my number to person A nor did I give her permission to contact me outside of work."

OT - Need to just get this out

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About 2 months ago I started looking for a new job, I was topped out at my current position and I needed to move up if I ever wanted to promote.  I admit I was a bit tired at my job since I had pretty much become so efficient I was obsolete, but at the same time I enjoyed the people I was working with, but again job growth and more money prompted me to start looking.

Ramblings of Grand Hag on Facebook.....

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Copied and pasted from Grand Hag's page...meth ex mom.

On my mind today is my outrage at the "Me Too" movement. We live in a society where woman make a point at doing whatever they must to attract attention. Being sexy is very important and many female celebrities consider it their "privilege" to dress as seductively and flirtatiously as possible. The Red Carpet is cluttered with women who dress as little as possible. Tempt, tease, entice, but cry when someone says anything or does anything to take them up on their visual invitation.

Meth Ex so proud......

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This references the video Meth Ex is referring to.

Meth Ex posted this video to her Facebook with this comment:

"So funny yet so true. I see my daughter as the girl in this video. I swear they had this girl study my daughter before they filmed this."

Yes meth ex you and Disney DH did a banner job. *eye roll*

So it begins....

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I knew once MIL friended SD on Facebook things would start to get stirred up again! I was right! For the past two days MIL has been tagging all the grandkids (5 total) in posts about how much she loves them and such. Only 4 of the 5 have Facebook pages (BD11 isn't allowed to have one and BS17 is never on).

So I know this sudden display is all for SD's benefit! Today she shared an individual picture of each grandchild with a comment, they went as such: