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Stealing Aniki's OT-Eff off Friday

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I am stealing this today because I need to say eff off to a few things:
Eff off to car troubles, especially when it has to get towed. Then all the shops in town are packed full so you have to take it to the dealership who is way more expensive then everybody else.
Eff off to my parental unit when I called to see if we could borrow one of their four cars for a few days until mine is fixed, they had to hem and haw and think about it for a bit....ummm cool thanks never mind I'll go rent a car.

Unsolved Mysteries and Spawn

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So DH and I binge watched the new unsolved mysteries on Netflix this weekend. So as we are watching DH brings up that Spawn has moved into an apartment with her new boytoy and she asked him to stop by and see it. Well my brain was still in unsolved mystery land so I blurted out:
"Well if you do go, give me the address so I at least know where to tell the police to start their search when you go missing."

OT - What is your STalk Origin Story?

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I'll go first:

For me my journey with STalk started 7-8 years ago. This pertained to the whole not allowing Spawn to audition for a solo role at her dance studio due to failing grades. Well Spawn and Meth Mouth decided they were going to get custody swapped for good based on that, and Spawn was gleefully telling her friends how she planned on lying to the judge about a bunch of stuff to create a picture of abuse and neglect in our home.

OT - Social Distancing the Office Chronicles

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So for those of you still working how is the social distancing going for you? We had a fire alarm pulled today and here comes everybody (those of us on this shift) en-mass, talking, laughing, spraying all those little water droplets of saliva everywhere!

I think I am going to find myself a six foot stick and start using it to clear a path and keep that "6 feet of separation" stuff legit. Plus it can be a way to assert my dominance should this situation devolve even further down.

DH and I got a letter....

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Well it appears Spawn is in a 12 step program.  DH and I each got a letter today from her, shoved in our mailbox reeking of stale smoke with lots of stains all over the paper.

The gist of my letter is "sorry I was an a$$hole all those years but it's because I didn't know you and I loved my mother so much that I just couldn't get to know sorry but I just love my mom so much and I would like to get to know you because you are married to my dad and he loves you.  XOXO Spawn"

Spawn IS back in Town!

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Well I guess all good things come to an end, or in Spawn's case the boytoy funding her lifestyle finally gave out or up and she had to find a new victim to leach onto.

I guess yesterday my friend saw Spawn out with Grandhag but she wasn't sure because it was a quick glance so she couldn't confirm. Well her daughter actually ran into her and Grandhag at the store last night. The daughter said "Hello Spawn how are you?" Spawn glared at her flipped her hair and sort of half waved before stalking off. I know I know she's a real gem of a person.