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OT - Uncle's Memorial Service felt like a Step Situation

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Sadly my Uncle passed in March and we waited to do his memorial on his birthday.  Backstory is my Uncle never had children of his own and treated me and my sibling as his kids.  He was married three times and his first wife was also very much a part of my daily life and I still consider her my Aunt.  He was also a large part of my children's life.

OT - Bios terrified of getting in trouble with DH

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Lol have any of you experienced this in your own marriage?  Spawn could have cared less about DH and when he punished her you could see her internally rolling her eyes, laughing and giving DH the finger.

Our bios on the other hand are terrified of getting in trouble with DH, which is funny because he really doesn't do anything, just agrees with whatever punishment I have set and give them a lecture along the same lines as the one I give them and then moves on.

OT - Happy Fat Tuesday!

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Happy Fat Tuesday all!
Tonight we will have gumbo and king cake and drinks (no hurricanes) Tomorrow I will give up cursing for the 40 days of Lent.

Do any of you celebrate Fat Tuesday? Give anything up for Lent? I used to go get the ashes on Ash Wednesday but I haven't been to church in a very long time.

I like to celebrate anytime there is a reason to and Mardi Gras has always been one of my favorites, maybe someday I will even make it to New Orleans.

So as they say "Laissez les bon temps rouler!"

Google stalked SD for the first time in a LONG time....

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So if you read my last blog you know it's been a bad patch, well my aunt passed last add the the pile of ever mounting crap! So there you go!

Yesterday I was googling Spawn's name to see if there is any new info out there on her, and up popped Linkedin with her current resume. So it appears she holds each job for about 1 year and 3 months on average.


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Okay I am just over this new year!   DH has fallen off of his stupid knee scooter three time since his surgery, each time coming closer to hurting himself worse than his surgery ever was.  I finally had to hide to damn thing and force him to use his crutches.

Yesterday my mother annouced that she will be going to see my terminal uncle (her brother) for her birthday.  She then proceeds to tell my father that she wants my uncle to die on her birthday so she doesn't have to celebrate it anymore...WHAT!!!

OT - Merry Christmas Stalk

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Well my time is running short and I will soon be firmly entrenched in the holiday madness that entails way too much alcohol and family members, so I will wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Remember to hug your loved ones tight, create an exit plan if need be and commit to getting that adult skid out of the house once and for all.

For all of those suffering from loss, depression, sickness etc. know that you are loved and cherished and the world is a better place with you here.

OT - Stepmother Story

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BD had her ballet performance this past weekend and one of the guys I work with was there. So we were talking today and reminiscing about when the group was under a different owner and how long the shows would drag on.

He mentioned that his sister used to dance back in the day and his stepmother was all into it and was a "dance" mom. He mentioned the stepmother's name and I was all "Oh I know her I used to work with her she's so sweet."

OT-90 Day Fiance

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So I admit I watch this show knowing that it's pretty much staged for the drama, but did anybody watch it on Sunday?

The stand out to me was the mail order wife telling her soon to be husband that he needs to stop paying child support for his daughter because it's taking all the money away from her and her son. Then she kicked his adult daughter (?) out of the house while he was at work.