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No Fathers Day for DH

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I kind of feel bad for him.   He won't see any of his kids on Fathers Day.  BM made is a point to schedule her vacation on Fathers Day so YSS will be gone.   He has no relationship with the older two so there will no well wishes from them.  And my BS, who is the only one who sends him a message and gift, lives out of state.   

I hate this for DH but sometimes wonder if he had stood up for himself more earlier on if things would have been different.  Who knows....just hoping DH manages to have a good day despite his spawn.


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That is so sad. Maybe you can do something fun just the 2 of you to try and keep his mind off of it.

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I'm sure SS20 won't even text DH on Father's Day.  He hasn't for the last 6 years. We thought it was last Sunday so already got annoyed by that. Now we can get annoyed again this Sunday!

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OSD hasn't communicated with DH for over a year now.  He is starting to dread Father's Day, his Birthday and the holidays.  Which is not fun for me either because he gets in a nasty mood sometimes.  I asked him what he wants to do for FD (I'm assuming YSD will still be here this coming weekend - over a week this time) and he just didn't want to talk about it.  I just let him know he needs to let me know so I can help if needed.

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This is the first year we have a baby together and I hope it takes the sting out of father's day for my husband.

He is a softy about cards and keeps all of them. I found his stash of cards once and the one BM wrote him for his first father's day. She basically thanked him for everything he did for them and write some depressive guilt trip about how she doesn't appreciate him enough. She was cheating on him at the time and they split around this time. What an odd snapshot. 

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My DH stood up for his rights, many times.  SS, now 18, (AN ADULT FOR THOSE WHO NEED REMINDING) refuses to see DH.  DH is hurt, but realizes at this point he was not perfect but did does not deserve the treatment that he receives from SS.  

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I do, but thankfully my new friend educated me on the correct way to figure out when Father's Day is in the other thread.


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Still has Munchkin SD14 that heretofore has not been ruined completely by Toxic Troll. Im doing something with MY dad, and DH would rather go fishing. This year Im not taking Munchkin to buy anything for her dad.

She said that she is making something for him!  Whew. Takes the pressure off!