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Yay I have enjoyed the quiet since the chaos at Christmas (story in my first blog post). Skids haven't really been around, choosing to spend time with friends and other family instead. W2s are rolling out... it's DH year to claim the kids. As I stated in a previous blog every time it's our turn DH is bombarded with requests to pay for all sorts of things that the kids want. DH just got a text last night from CrazyLady (BM) that one of the kids will be calling him this afternoon... I'm sure it's to ask for something that she doesn't want to pay for.

Side note, sorry I need to rant: DH got each kid something that they really wanted. SS(14) asked for an $800 guitar... sorry dude that's a little much when you have 5 brothers and sisters who all want gifts too. DH found a comparable guitar for about $175. SS posts on social media the other day... "didn't get what I wanted... still on the hunt" and posts a pic of the $800 guitar. Felt like a slap in the face for DH because he works so hard to provide, may not be everything they want but they have what they need. Okay rant over... 


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Who the f that kid think he is. I wish they could all live with my brother for a while. He is a social worker for a foster home for 26 kids. It's like having 25 siblings and a bunch of step parents, no bio parents. The people who take care of these kids are good people actually  but no one actually lobes these kids(sad). Theses kids probably deserve love more than the rotten skids we all deal with.

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When it comes to instruments.. I'm not sure people would consider an 800 and a 125 dollar guitar in the same league.  

I mean.. I think that's an entitled gift to ask for when you know that your parents may have a limit to how much they can spend.  On the other hand, I think it would have been better for your husband to be straight with him when he asked for it that it wasn't in his budget.. that he would be glad to give him cash towards the purchase and then the kid could earn/save the rest himself.  Getting the lesser cost guitar.. if he went to trade/sell.. would likely not get back the purchase price.. so the cash would have gotten him further towards his goal.

Yes, the boy should be grateful for any gift.. but if he really is set on a particular model.. It's like my OSD wanting a particular model camera.. getting a lesser model wouldn't have been acceptable.  I don't agree with the way BM handled it (bought OSD what she wanted.. and told YSD she would have to wait for her much less expensive gift.. who is still waiting btw.)... but I can see how getting something without  the features you wanted might make the person getting it still want their original goal.

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That depends, for me - does he already play the guitar and is upgrading? Or is this his first guitar and he wants the best of the best, but will probably put it in the corner and never play it?

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If he DOES play guitar and wants to upgrade, he's old enough to understand that his father cannot afford to upgrade to $800.

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He's 14 years old, just starting on learning the guitar. DH told him that very expensive guitar is more like a high school graduation gift after he learns how to play. DH doesn't like to give them cash as BM will most likely take it and use it for herself. It's so sad, they're stuff DH gets them always seems to go "missing" a few months after he gets it for them. I'm so tired... it's never just peaceful. There's always some drama. I told DH if anything this drama with skids and BM would be our undoing.