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For the first time

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I could shake my head at the idiocracy that is HCBM.

Every year and I mean every. single. year she rides the struggle bus when declaring her vacation time. Clearly outlined in the order "If a parent takes a 7 day vacation, it must encompass their 4 or 5 day parenting time installment so that a "Tacking" event does not occur."

Every year she declares her vacation she tries to take DH's 4-5 time and he replies with please adjust your vacation time to encompass your 4-5 day parenting time.

Normally she just will give the new dates but this year her response was.....


Update from parent meeting

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So in attempts to get SD discharged from therapy because quite honestly other than normal 6.5 year old behavior she's good.  

However the meeting was a joke, Therapist said she wanted to see the frequency of hitting herself, negative self talk and saying she wants to die to decrease. DH said so she's had one minor outburst at school in 1.5 years so you're saying you want it to be 0 in order to discharge her?


Having to explain DH is the father to SD to BM

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Stupid sentenece right? 

SD is in dance, which DH agreed to. Pays the majority of,  participates in taking her if it falls on his time etc. Recital is coming in June and BM switched her to a new studio that does a father daughter dance during the recital described as:

“A magical class experience focusing on ballet and lyrical movement. Watch your little girl transform into a Cinderella as she takes the stage for a memorable dance with her Prince Charming (daddy)!”


BM is OBSESSED with my BF and he doesn’t realize it

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So me and my boyfriend have been dating for the past 6 months. And even though it's been such a short time we instantly fell in love with eachother and he moved in with me and my dad. Our relationship is going perfect besides these little things we can't seem to agree on. His BM is TOXIC but she plays the victim card VERY WELL. She has his mom, his dad, and TRIED to have him wrapped around her finger. Things have been slowly escalating and I realize that it's only gonna get worse. 


Typical HCBM drama

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We just recently had court taht BM was trying to take DH's vacation time away.  Took the judge less than 5 minutes to hear everything and decide. It was such a waste of money. 

Basically BM has two "Flex" days to be used from when we needed to get SD early for our wedding back in February.  We got a few extra hours she wants two days. Fine.  We stated 30 days notice, can't be tacked on to her vacation time and it had to be within reason. 


The audactity

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It has been such a long time since I've posted anything about HCBM, but as HCBM's usually go, it never lasts, does it?

This time it's about trying to control how we parent skids when they are with us - specifically in the areas of diet and exercise - I'm sorry, I almost choked on those words, because.... THIS coming from a 350 lb.+ pill head HCBM just seems so crazy that I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it.

It's been a while since I've discussed skids here, so for background info: