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10 year old acting like a damn 4 year old.

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My recent posts I’ve talked about how irritating my SD is to me. I tried disengagement and it didn’t work because my husband started getting angry I didn’t help take care of his kid. Stupid ex wife of his is on his ass because I’m not doing his kid’s laundry anymore. So here I am. Taking care of a damn kid who doesn’t even appreciate my help. I have a 3  month old LO who has colic so I’m pretty frustrated throughout the day. Damn SD comes home and makes my daughter cry even more. 


Why won't he just parent his kids!!!!!!!

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I'm a 26 year old first time mom of a 4 month old baby girl. Dating a guy, 28, with 2 kids of his own from a previous relationship, BS8 and BD4. And the 4 month old is our daughter together. We aren't married yet and I honestly dont know if I'd ever marry him at this point because his kids drive me bonkers!



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Hello Hello! My name is Nicole and I am a 32 year old "stepmom" to two kids, SS10 and SD12. I use "   " because technically I'm not a stepmom, DH and I are NOT married but I've been in their lives for almost seven years so I feel I earned the title. I have not one but TWO BMs that are in my life. It has NOT been easy, and I truly value groups/websites like this where I can vent and also help others.

It is not an easy situation to be in but at the same time, it is the life I chose. There are a few struggles I deal with on a consistent basis:


Please somebody give me some hope!

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I am new to this group, but a six year stepmom.  I am overwhelmed by the crazy that is my life.  My DH has two ex BM's.  One is borderline personality, and a narcissistic master manipulator.  The other is a former meth addicted purse snatcher.  What that says about me I shutter to think, though in my defense I didn't know these things until we were engaged.  I had BM #1 dump the kids on me from day 1 (probably assuming they would make me run and not that I was the most patient person she would ever encounter).  Then, after nine months she takes them away.  Then does it again.  And again.