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New here. Is this a good idea or not? (Entitled adult SD)

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I haven't found a similar topic so wanted to ask this. My SD (40) After a series of bad decisions on her part recently went to live with a relative in another state that would help her get back on her feet (supposedly). Prior to this my DH took her to lunch and tried to have what we call a come to Jesus meeting with her. She stormed out and acccused him of being a terrible father and that "he has never helped her in any way and his advice was unasked for" this is blatantly untrue. My DH if anything is OVER involved with his kids.


Adult SD feels we are harassing her. Help!!

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I was married for 23 years and had 4 daughters. My ex and I agreed on most of our parenting and they are all respectuful, responsible and appreciative of their upbringing and 3 have launched successfully on their own, our youngest BD is 23 and has just taken a break from school and has taken a full time job and lives with her Dad. I have been in a relationship for over 10 years and engage to my Fiancé for the past 6. HIs adult daughter 25 still lives with us.