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O/T.. Father's Day/ Step-mom's Day

SO decided that since we didn't have any kids for mother's day and the kids keep asking about mother's day or SM day he is going to share his weekend with me too. I guess we are going to celebrate Sunday for him and on Monday for me ( he is taking monday off and kids are all staying until Tuesday)

Anyone have any good ideas for father's day gifts?

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castration... oh sorry thats


oh sorry thats what my FDH is getting.

how about a truck box, they are for the bed of a truck and lock. A Gun Smiling. Fishing gear. A trip to a Brewery.

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This is a link to some of my dream guns. I love the civil war collection items.

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No he likes the WW2 era; I am

No he likes the WW2 era; I am on the other hand in love the civil war era (not the slavery, just the GUNS, and over all style). He is getting a new truck box for his truck, his current one has a broken lock and it isn’t water proof. We need a third safe before I start buying more guns.

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Nice. I have a thing for

Nice. I have a thing for revolvers. I went to a gun show down the road and picked up one that I thought was "neat" looking. Got home and looked it up, turned out to be circa 1890


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My FIL is a HUGE gun

My FIL is a HUGE gun collector, and just purchased himself one of those colts... and then bought a leather side holster (think marshall dillon in gunsmoke)!! HAHAHAHAHA!

for father's day we're getting him a black cowboy hat and an old-fashioned sherriff's badge. If he wore cowboy boots, I'd get him some spurs too. So he could walk into the saloon going "chink.. chink... chink..."

Sometimes you don't realize you're actually drowning when you're trying to be everyone else's anchor

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Yeah he's not a truck guy,

Yeah he's not a truck guy, he's a van dad and not allowed to have guns with the kids... our rule.

Karma will find you and it has GPS!

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ok......bottle of whiskey? I

ok......bottle of whiskey? I am getting FDH a bottle of jack Daniels "Mr. Jack’s 160th Birthday" it is $100 whiskey for his birthday in August.

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Damn this guy doesn't do that

Damn this guy doesn't do that either... kinda has not life. We will go to the races and he wants to go fishing with his kids and out for brunch. I though of making him something with the kids hands or feet. We shall see.

Karma will find you and it has GPS!

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It is not flesh and blood but

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