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we had a rare sleep over this past weekend

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SD14 slept over this past saturday night.

she is gross!

didnt shower saturday or sunday, but at least that means she didnt dirty the bathroom.

she went to bed with some sort of blue sugary candy that she either spilled or drooled in her sleep as there was a huge blue stain on the sheets. they are an older set, but still, i want them unstained!

sunday morning she was flopped in my living room with her stupid phone, waiting for her breakfast to be prepared and served.

i avoided home and hit the gym and did errands as much as possible. fiance at least kept her with him in the den so i could have my living room to myself!

i have to count my blessings that sleep overs are rare (even tho they should be 2x per month!).

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haha i know, right? we wont see her for a month now due to our vacation and her vacation with her mom. then its birthday and holiday gift campaign season when she is sticky sweet nice to get whatever $300 gift she has picked out for her father to buy her!

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Sd15 takes regular showers but to get her to brush the hair on the back of her head is impossible. I don't understand that cuz she is so very vain. She has makeup stains on the side of her box springs on her bed where she wipes foundation, eyeliner, and whatever else off her fingers. Not to mention the makeup stains and food crumbs all over her sheets. It's up to dh to wash her sheets but it could be several months before he thinks about doing. She is only here a few days month but if it were me I'd wash them every visit or at least once a month. She doesn't even know the difference. Gross!

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14, 2 months shy of 15. a HS Freshman this fall.

her parents do EVERYTHING for her. her father still has to tell her what to bring when she comes for visits. no joke.

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What IS it with skids and bad hygiene? SS17 takes a shower every three days or so. The stench is just unbelievable! BabyVoice will only shower if told to do it. Karate Kid (SS15) is the exception - he takes multiple showers a day.

My kids are also skids - they have normal hygiene, so I have no idea why my skids are so icky when it comes to personal hygiene.

So gross.

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What the deal with them being so disgusting.When SD was here she didn't shower or get out of bed. DH basically had to yell to get her to move her lazy ass. When she did she left all the disgusting things all over the bathroom. Told DH to tell her to pick them up. Yuck!!! Thanks goodness I don't have to deal with her any more. SS didn't brush his teeth and now they're all rotten and he needs crowns about 20 of them and he has gf. DH said when he was at their place fixing SS computer he saw female underwear on kitchen counter and he almost threw up...disgusting.