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SD14 had her hair highlighted. seriously? is this a thing that young girls need to do today? glad to see CS being used so wisely!

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At least it was used to highlight the kids hair...

There are alot of BMs people write about on this board, that would do their own hair with the cs, then tell the kid no you cant have yours done, because your dad is a dead beat who doesnt pay enough money for you.

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haha! true! im just amazed. if i had asked my parents as a kid to have something like that done they'd tell me no way, or that if i wanted it, i had to pay for it myself.

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My DH's ex claimed in court during their divorce that she needed an extra $200 a month to get her hair done so she could look presentable for her "job". She's never worked a day in her life. I guess she needed to look good for all that time she spent laying on her back! (If you know what I mean) :jawdrop:

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BM has been having SD's hair highlighted or dyed since she was 11 and her nails done at a salon since she was 7. But she doesn't have money for gas to get the skids to visitation. And I can't afford to get my hair cut twice/year.

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I never used that stuff but heard horrible things about it.

I've always been blonde so it never occurred to me to get highlights. Until I got much older and my hair started getting darker blonde.

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Highlighted is nothing.

When SD was 12 she had TCA chemical peel multiple times and microdermabration. At 14 she was on retenoin then accutane so highlighted is nothing. Braces had do over and over again. I'm surprise she still has teeth. Lost count how many trip she went to see dermatologists, dentist and plastic surgeon. SD said she's on diet and only eats lean chicken but gulps down a whole italian cream cake i made for DH...go figure.

Now she's in college I have no idea what she's doing but DH complains about her seeing dr all the time...don't ask...don't care.


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SD was highlighted for her Gr.8 grad and like someone wrote above- just looked like her ends had been put in bleach.

and as far as 'judgemental' comments from Justforthis., why are you here since life is clearly perfect? Just sayin'?

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Maybe she's here because the problem is the BM, not the SKs.

In my case the SKS and one BM were wonderful. But the other BM was a pain in the ass.