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$6000 game console bill

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Yes those are the correct amount of zeros...

X-wife/BM called my husband to let him know that SS13 was having a field day all summer long charging over $6,000.00 worth of crap onto her charge card for the Xbox. Games, stuff in games, and movies (we think) SS13 isn't giving anyone the account information to look.... "I forgot...."

She feels totally betrayed and stupid for trusting him with her charge card saved on there. He's in deep trouble.

He's lying, saying he didn't know, then tried to tell his dad he only spent 200$. When the console system will ask MULTIPLE times to confirm any purchase...

I am interested to see how this all turns out punishment wise. I was told I now have a helper to paint the interior of the house! And he will be redoing the sprinkler system. Xwife/BM says she will not be paying for sports now. I am very curious to see if she will keep to this punishment. All electronics and anything fun is dissapearing at both households.

DH wants him to do hard labor to pay back mom, but that is so much money....

I actually feel a bit bad for BM.(just a tiny bit) But this is what happens when you treat your kid like an equal and like a room mate in your home. And this is also what happens when you let the Xbox raise your kid.

My husband is ready to kill SS13 .....I kinda want to be out of the house and not be in the car to pick him up next weekend.

I really hope that this isn't something that will continue. He can't be trusted ever again.

Anyways, thought this story would brighten your guys' day that my stepson finally did something that yours hopefully hasn't and thank goodness!!

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Dad needs to let BM decide her own punishment. On her time and her dime this occurred. For one, not sure Dad should get involved in what was clearly Mom's own stupidity and lack of parenting supervision.

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The bank was able to give her back the 500$ purchases for this past week. That is it. She's totally out of luck.

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Part of me is pissed at your SS--he knew what he was doing; however, with her permissive parenting (honestly, who gives a 13 year old that kind of freedom?), BM invited this situation to develop.

I don't know how you would just find out about summertime in September. Bills are sent monthly. Part of me agrees with twopoints, it happened on Mom's time, mom's responsible for the punishment and the bill. Your DH can talk to him about it and the damage to the trust--and what would happen if he ever did it in DH's home, but I don't think I'd make a kid pay for an adults poor choices.

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DH wanted to make sure that he lost privileges here too. There isn't really anyway he can "repay"6k at age 13

I don't know either. He just started school today. We don't know how she just NOW found out. She might not even be telling us the entire truth to not make it seem like she's rolling in cash since she received inheritance from her grandmother. I have no idea. I am just glad it wasn't our account.

He has way too much freedom at her house, she treats him like a roomie, he doesn't have any responsibilities, and eats hot pockets all day/plays xbox.

I really thought she was calling because he was caught in the house with a GIRL, not because he stole over 6000$$$ from her!!

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No she isn't, but I am afraid we will be hearing about it for awhile of why she can't afford things now.

She's nasty and rude all the time until she needs something or wants something. She told DH that she doesn't like him and only wants to communicate through email, but yet the moment her son gives her trouble, she comes running to DH and plays all nice in the sand box.

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This child is still alive and can sit on his rear? Wow ... US$6000 is currently ZAR82,920 which is what a large number of people earn ANNUALLY in a household in this country.

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I have my CC set up to be paid automatically so I never get a bill in the mail. I have the entire bill paid in full so I do watch the transactions every few days. But I could see how someone who was paying the minimum monthly automatically might miss the transactions. It's always good to check for fraud but a lot of people don't go over their bill with a fine tooth comb like they should.

But no excuses at all for a 13 year old doing this.

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That is really bad. There's really no way for a 13yo to recover $6K.
He'll have to learn some "life lessons" in exchange. I agree with selling everything he doesn't 'need' and have that go to the bill. He can then work to recover his said items, at a low pay rate.

My DP doesn't look at his balances nearly enough. He did find about $50 or so on one of his cards a year ago that Sds made so they could game. So far they haven't done anything like that again, but I do suspect there's small charges - SD9 used my phone (with DP there) once and they (she?) downloaded a $1.99 game that I did NOT agree to. I told DP my phone is now 100% off limits to both SDs. Game is removed.

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Sell all his cool stuff and make him work every weekend for several months. It will not pay back the 6k but it will at least teach him a lesson.

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Does he know how much jail time he would get if he had parents that called the cops? Someone should let him know

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His father is a cop, he let him know, believe me.

But BM willingly put her credit card on the xbox live account, the bank doesn't care. It's not grand theft now.

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Exactly. BM says that's how it started. He would ask for a game every once and awhile and she would tell him okay. So she just left her card info on there since he was asking and didn't think he would use it without asking.......boy was she wrong :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop:

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Is $6,000 really possible? Well I guess it could be because there are subscriptions, games, gear, downloading features for your character, etc. I think the kid needs a lesson on the value of money as well. Some charity volunteer work like at a soup kitchen for the homeless does wonders. $6000 isn't much but at the same time it is a lot of money. I'm stunned.

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It is a lot of money to a person on a single income and with the grocery bill feeding a teenage boy. BM also just bought a brand new car. It is also a disgusting waste of money. It's all virtual crap that you have nothing to show for. What a WASTE.

I'll update everyone next weekend when we get into his account to see what he did buy. He did say he bought stuff in the game Madden. But we do suspect that he invested a lot of his mothers money in porn, other games, and lots of in-game items in other games besides Madden.