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O/T stress relief

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So with all the crap that us steps go through, how do YOU release your stress? My DH recently bought an Xbox and I wasn't that interested in the games, mostly shoot em up first person war games until last night when he talked me into playing Mortal Kombat with him. Well after beating his ass he gave up. This morning I had a phone call with our atty and afterwards thought "hmmm" so I plugged in the game and trust me, I feel SOOOO much better! I just envision the opoinant as the BM! Totally made my day!


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Typically I rant and rave and throw my hands up above my head and shake them vigorously...

and I get on here and read about all of the nice women that have it so much worse then I do, and then I magically feel better. Usually.

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drink :jawdrop:

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I love Mortal Kombat! Never played until I met DH and within a couple of times of playing I was whooping his butt. DH hates it! I don't play on the Playstation anymore now that I have BS1, I don't want him being exposed to that crap, but I do play once in a while on the PSP as it really can be quite addicting and a great way to lose yourself!

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Coming here is one thing. Writing things out not only makes all those thoughts and feelings bouncing around in my head more...I dunno...cohesive, it sort of gets it out of my system.

I also do crossword puzzles, sudoku, or other similar puzzles because I can get absorbed in those and stop thinking. Same with a good book.

I know I should walk and excercise more, but I just can't seem to make myself.

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I paint, I buy the little wood dyecut christmas ornaments at Micheals and paint them with little tiny brushs. The concentration calms me down and then I have something pretty to show for it. I make enough to have a new tree full of ornaments every year, that becomes my tree in the kitchen or dining room and then I take the previous years ornamants except for one or two I may love and give them away to people.

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My kids have Mortal kombat, seems to bloody to me, their dad got the game...maybe i should give it a try lol.

Not doing good on the managing stress front.

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I drove home really slow from work and sing along with the radio, hide out in MY kids room and chat, booze it up on the weekends and now visit on here....
its comforting to know I am NOT THE ONLY ONE!

mariekay150's picture plus I clean, exercise , go on step talk, and drink some more wine!

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I used to play Mortal Kombat w/CTBB and Perfectson! Boy that brought back some memories! I was always Cyrax, I perfected the full body slam and the flying net. FUN! My favorite stess relief? Hanging out with my friends Chardonnay, Merlot, and on a really bad day, Stoli!