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Step son and grand daughter sleeping on the 3rd air mattress in the living room of our 1 bedroom apartment sleeps 15 hrs day

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They get to sleep during normal sleeping hours. Live your life. Turn on the tv if you want. Vacuum on your schedule. When you nudge them with the vacuum they will move.  

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Take the air out of the mattresses every morning and store them until it’s time to sleep again. 

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Areyou-- You are a genius! Just walk by and pop that tab. 

Like everyone one else said, Beno, live your normal life. -- By that I mean, you do always vacuum at 7 am, right? *diablo*    and dishes are always getting pulled from the dishwasher and stacked loudly right after, and it is really hard to hear over all that noise so the news comes on at a overly high volume! I am sure you have great natural light as well, open those blinds and curtains right when you get up- it is good for everyone to have sunlight! It's really a health thing  LOL!

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Call the locksmith and rekey the locks.  Let the SS figure it out on his own somewhere else.  He can either take the GSkid with him or leave the GSkid and  you and your SO go for custody and keep that deadbeat POS SS as far from the GSkid as you can.

That may be this young child's only chance to avoid the same fate as the shallow and polluted end of it's gene pool.