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Taking Suggestions :)

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This is my first week of disengaging with three skids who live with us. I feel so liberated!! I run errands after work. I've been going to the gym. Did some volunteering last night. Taking my life back feels awesome.
But now I need suggestions for the weekend. If you had two or three days to do whatever you want that includes NOT sitting around the house...what would you do?? (It's sad that I don't have any ideas.) Go crazy...tell me what you would do, big or small. I need to fill my calendar through Monday!

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Go to lunch with a friend
sit in a coffee shop and read a book
Go to a movie
Shop in cool little store about town with no time limit
Volunteer at animal shelter
Work out
Girls trip out of town
Go see a concert
Go to sports game

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Take a cooking class (or cake decorating, or basketweaving for that matter)
Find places of historic significance near you. I think you can find a map of historical markers online.
Go to the library and explore. Many have pretty cool things.
Art museums, even if you're not an "art" person. You'd be surprised how appealing some of the collections are.

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I like going for long walks. Maybe there is a walking group near you? Or a friend (with a dog?) who wants to get fit for the new year might want to start going for walks once a week.

Check out meetup and see if any groups you are interested in do fun things on the weekends.

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Going to a coffee shop to work and /or read a book is by far my fav
Then you are out of the house and not tempted to involve yourself

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Is there something you've always wanted to learn or try? Creative writing? Self-defense? Painting? Maybe you can find a class at the local community center or college.

Sounds exciting to have some "you time." Myself, I'm always happy when I have a new "project" to keep me occupied. It got me through the first year of empty nesthood. Smile

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I would go the museum or the botanical gardens.
I also love to wander around antique shops & second hand stores.
We have a beautiful public library (several in the area actually) it’s nice to just sit & read a book in a nice setting...
Yeah, I’m pretty boring...

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Hiking group
Yoga class
Coffee shop with a book
Learn to knit or crochet / take classes

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LOL, I recently knit DH a pair of longjohns.

And I made myself a sweater. Wearing it right now, actually.

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Omg, longjohns? I love it!

I knit and crochet. Pretty sure these things keep me from giving people finger necklaces.

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If I can't leave the house, I get very busy cleaning, sorting, fixing things up, yard work. Gets my mind off anything going on in the house AND I'm too busy to help with anything else.

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I think I have it figured out!! I was looking at booking myself some spa time but I love having a project to work on, too, so... I'm going to redo my bathroom this weekend (along with the holiday on Monday!) to turn it into an awesome personal spa! This way I won't feel guilty about leaving my DH and the skids for the weekend, I get a great bathroom upgrade, and I don't feel guilty about spending the money because I could be spending it on treatments rather than investing in our home!

And a huge THANK YOU for all the suggestions!!!!

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I LOVE painting rooms and doing my own renovations! I learned about electrical currents, how toilets works and faux painting! I'm gold leafing my barrel-vaulted ceiling right now! Every time my husband goes to see his daughter, I get all my materials together and work away. I LOVE IT! When I was dragged along for those visits, I came home miserable and it took two days to recover. Now that I've disengaged, I can finally say I have something to show from my relationship with SD!!!

Give it a try! You'll love it.

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I do the home repairs fixes too. Learned how to do basic wiring and other things. I asked for and received a good drill for Xmas! Now I need a table saw...

I understand my limits though. I can get too much going on at one time and have to remember "finish this room first." And I have a great handy-man and contractor who know I can do stuff; they'll often say, "If you can do x and y then I can do a and b and you'll save $." YES!

My next projects are to re-floor the office, getting rid of the awful carpet and do a 50% fix up of the general bathroom (contractor will be needed for part of that - and partly b/c we can't afford at 100% re-do at once) now, and the rest next year.

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I turned one of our spare bedrooms into a "woman's cave". I have a desk, craft table, and my sewing/quilting desk and machine set up. I have all may accessories hung and at my finger tips. DH bought me a small smart flat screen TV for Christmas to add to my "cave". It is my life saver.

My DH and I are retired, but need our own space. You have a good solution in making your own space.

It will be fun. I love mine!

Sounds like you are doing well with your disengagement. Stand your ground. I am also disengaged from my grown skids; they come to visit DH, therefore, my own space is necessary.


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I've been disengaging & decided to accept invitations I'd previously turned down to do 'family' things. I now have coffee with 3 ladies between gym classes every week (with the odd evening meal thrown in too), it's been a revelation! We're all around the same age, we're all disengaging from something and we all love to laugh about anything & everything. Had I not stepped back from my home situation I wouldn't have got to know these people, that in itself has made disengaging well worth it. Good luck and enjoy every minute of your disengagement Smile

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Learn a new language or an instrument
Learn the basics of home decorating
Write poems or a book or a novel
take dance lessons
Read about esoteric/astrology/tarot or anything you are curious

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Follow a local activities of interest site and fit as many in as interest you. There is usually something of interest going on most nights in medium and larger urban areas.

Museums, small coffee shop local talent concerts, book readings, volunteer opportunities, Wine Down Wednesdays, etc, etc, etc.....

Enjoy and take care of you.

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Absolutely love this thread. So inspired. I may have just ordered a sewing machine so I can start making my own (tailored) clothes. No offense to milennials (I'm technically one) but I'm over your flowy clothes now.