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Skids destructive behaviour

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Good morning all,

how do we deal with Skids who destroy my bio child's things? 

there's been some jewellery of mine that was broken over the years and some of my daughters things. Recently some bits like a mirror and pens that she kept in a bag which she cried about (she's 8). Then this morning I noticed a photograph of her and me and my partner and his daughter from our holiday this summer that was on her shelf and she had scratched out my daughters face. 

if I try to talk about it to OH he doesn't have a solution other than "what did you do first" spoke to my parent who's attitude is "well they're kids" so where does that leave me as her primary caregiver? 

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Then SD gets punished..  If SO doesn't like it.  He finds  another caregiver.  He can't have jt both ways  doing nothing and excepting others to do nothing too.  You have a SO problem first. 

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Early on I had similar issue.  DH didn't really understand it until something of HIS got wrecked.  You do have a man problem.  

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It's not abnormal for things to happen with kids.. stuff gets broken.. kids are taught about respecting others belongings.. given consequences.. apologizing.. replacing item etc..

I would have a different feeling on intentional vs accidental destruction.  A scratched out face on a personal photo is imho worse than being careless with a pen.  Your DH should be giving his child some consequence for that... losst screen time and loss of other benefit or privelege.. also be made to apologize to the victim..

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Go full on savage and damage theirs.

Only kidding..kind of sort of.

Seriously you take care of it. Dont leave it to DH their defender.

Show no mercy. Call them out on it.

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if I try to talk about it to OH he doesn't have a solution other than "what did you do first" 

You have a major OH problem. 

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I would give your SO a choice of two ways to handle it. Either he punishes his child or both children get carte blanche and you won't be paying for anything BD breaks in retaliation. Then I'd tell BD "you take down the bully by hitting hard & fast"  and for her to destroy SD's favorite item & do this until she stops destroying BD's things. 

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Or.... plant her toxic little ass in a corner with her nose holding the intersecting walls together and she can stay there.

Nor your monkey, not your circus. 

Let daddy deal with his toxic spawn giving him no choice but to do so.

Let him know that her toxic bullshit will no longer be tolerated and you will ensure that she lives a life of escalating age appropriate abject misery if he does not fix his failed family spawn.