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the wow blog was deleted?

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i left work early yesterday and didnt have a chance to read it...but i was really looking forward to waking up this morning and reading it all.

from the little that i read i found that poster hilarious! in true pathetic bm fashion, grabbing at straws to try and make her pitiful life have meaning. My ss's bm also gave me the line, "he chose (was with me) me first" hahahaha i wrote her back and let her know she was nothing but a mistake and acceidnt to him, he regreted the day he ever met her. These women need to stop living in the past, what matters is now and our future with OUR husbands...its seems to be that they just cant cope with being only a part of the so pathetic


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My skids BM is a witch. hell, she even looks the She got third place in the worst BM contest even. Why do they bother coming here anyway? Why don't they make their own site?

"If your going through hell, keep on going, don't slow down, if you're scared, don't show it, you might get out before the devil even knows you're there" -Rodney Atkins

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I went in for some entertainment too today...and I can't find it!

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and they talk about us being insecure?? why are they even on this website if they are secure about what us as stepmothers do?? lol i think its hilarious! its the kettle calling the pot black hahaha

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Go into google and type "Steptalk WOW blog" You'll see it come up- instead of clicking on the regular link, click on "cached" link at the bottom. Google does this fabulous thing that backs up everything you regardless if you delete something, it stays on google unless you request specifically that they delete it.

Here it is from when I went into the cached to see it:


as a former stepmom its hard for me to fatom all the issues y'all have. The stepkids are not the problem its the parents including the one you're married to. It's your husbands job too in raising his kids too, dad need to have a hand in raising HIS KIDS too.

Sooooo many of you let the X wife rent too much space in your head, get her out of your head and enjoy your own family. Please y'all concentrate and focus on the X constantly. Do you not have your own life? they had sex, they were probably in love get over it they had a child.

as for the x whatever seeing her fil..guess what? she can you don't get to set rules for the x and what she does or doesn't do.

It seems like it bothers most of you that she was first, now you have to deal with him paying the money hungry woman sheesh, god forbid your husband doesn't hate her.

why do you hate her sooo much..seriously?

Your HUSBAND and his X did a great job before you came along..get over yourselves. obviousily at one time she had what you have now. Jealous? I doubt she is..why would she be? cause you deal with his crap and she doesn't. I think it bothers a lot of you that she is not jealous.

mom does this? mom called my hubby, mom doesn't feed the kids, the kids come in dirty clothes, mom doesn't work, mom doesn't like me, mom wants my hubby blah blah blah..but mom still has custosdy, and a free baby sitter but she is jealous? of what exactly?

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In my opinion of this blog- StrongWoman- you have to know what this forum is for. This forum is to have a place to go and vent, discuss, and consider the very difficult position that many stepparents are in today. It can be a trying situation. And concern over things like feeding a child- is certainly not jealousy- but consideration for a child. I certainly feel it is better that a stepparent is involved enough to notice these things as opposed to ignoring them.

If you're not here to be a part of the whole, then why are you here reading everyone's blogs?

I'd find another site if I were you. This isn't the place for you. Unless you want drama, and then you're no better than those you look down upon.

"Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother."

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The line can be easily crossed as far as venting goes. It can go from venting to just plain b*tchy if you arn't careful. If you want to out and out b*tchy that's fine but expect at least a few people to comment on it since this is a public message board.

To some venting means getting their feelings out without blatantly tearing a preson apart so the name calling (especially when it's adult calling a kid names) can come off as offensive. I personally can vent without calling people skank and the like. I will say BM is a bad mother but her actions really say that for me. I could objectively list her actions and everyone here would come to that conclusion for themselves.

I think StrongWoman may be extreme in her thinking because not EVERY step parent is jealous and insecure just like not every bio mother is hung up and bitter. I'm pretty sure StrongWoman is a trolling Bio Mom looking for a fight. That being said, I do have to say that I have felt some folks do not come here so much to vent but rather attack and have others jump in like pack animals. There is a difference.

I see the difference plain as day because the ones who are merely attacking get defenssive and flat out hostile if you disagree with them at all. They only want advice from people who fully support everything they say and that's uncool. It takes all kinds after all......

Having a baby does not make you a mother.

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Very well put goodmom. I agree.