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And he's off screaming at his video games again...

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Oh dear GOD he's at it again. SS17 has just spent the day in the basement playing video games and has been screaming at it all day. I took the day off today because wife has been seriously ill and had to spend the last few days at the hospital. He literally does not give a shit about her, never did the entire time she was sick. However she's so delusional she believes he's sad and trying not to cry. AAAAAAAAAAGGHHHHHHH!

She is currently getting treatment and I'm here taking care of the kids. They're in bed, explained to him 3 times to be quiet and he acts like nothing was said. I hate that I've had to have conversations to a kindergarten kid about how her older brother is not normal. Even the 11 year old goes down and tries to tell him he sounds dumb. Theoretically it's his last year as a minor and I'd love to have the cops come in at 11:59 of the day before his 18th and escort him out for good.

I've considered leaving long and hard but I can't shake the notion that we've invested a lot of time and should try to work in out with counseling. But then again, just ending the problem the easy way sounds good too. Anyone else dealing with this particular brand of asshole?

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I'm with foxie, turn off the power to that area. You pay the bills, you run the home. Not him.