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Happy Step Parent Day

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I think we should join together and declare two step parent days a year. One for yourself and one for the poor bastard on the other end of your step's other parent relationship. The day would include No step kids and require your bio parent to wait on you hand and foot. They would show their appreciation for the sacrifice we step people put up with and the stress we have. They day would be tress free and organized how ever we wish!

Let's organize!!!

Happy Father's Day to the unrecognized step dads and to the step mothers who are pretending to love putting on a fathers day celebration for your partners children. Only a few more hours and the kids go home ladies!

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Not a bad idea. I think it's especially good for the people here who have raised their step kids. Stepkids won't have to feel like they are betraying mom and dad if they do send a card. Someone contact Hallmark Smile