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Do you still love your Step kids?
I recently came to realize I do.

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I do love them- like an aunt loves a niece/nephew. That's great that you love yours. But for many, peaceful co-exisence is the best thing to aim for.

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Same here. I have my own children and definitely know the difference plus dh has boys who I have NOTHING in common with. I already see our visiting my DDs by myself and same with dh visiting HIS son out of state by HIMSELF. Dh's sons all have mental/addiction problems and my DDs are normal responsible adults. Dh and I both know if anything ever happened to one of us the other would never even see the other's kids again and be just fine with that.

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I used to until they made it very clear they were not interested in having me in their lives any longer. That tends to pretty much squash any feelings of good will at all, much less love!

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You know, on second thought, I take that back. I love their FATHER enough not to cause his children bodily harm. I can't conjure up a teaspoon of affection for them right now. So the answer is, no.

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Oh, yes, I love the big, fat cherub.

But then, I love having teeth pulled without anaesthetic,
being thrown naked into freezing water, then made to roll around on broken glass.
I love being snubbed, slandered, vilified and blamed.
The love just keeps oozing out.

Is there something wrong with me…..?

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I'm a 60 year old grandmother who barely knows the meaning of kinky - and not in any hurry to find out - so I guess you guessed it!
and...I'm not even sure if this is a serious question being it's posted to a 'Step-parent VENTING board'.

Maybe there should be a 'I made it through the shite and came out smelling of roses' thread.

Apologies to OP if you were serious, but...come on...

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^^^^Again^^^^ you succeeded at making me laugh out loud...actually laughing hard enough to where my 3 year old bio is now laughing with me and she has no clue what I am laughing at!!! Way too funny!

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Dunwiththem: Thank you so much for the laugh out loud!!! This is exactly the way I feel about SD19. However I do love SD22 just not the same as I love my bios.

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LOVE IT Dunwiththem!!! Like I've written before, a little masochism never hurt anybody. Actually, now I really DO like being ignored.

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NOPE! Especially SD19...I may be inclined to see SD22 since we are on a good friendship level and she is a wonderful big sister to my bios BUT SD19 would be slapped with a restraining order immediately if she came near me or my kids.

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All 25 stone of it (350lbs) nailed naked to a working windmill, slowly pecked to death by black ravens. I would then donate the remains to a dog meat factory - on second thoughts, I love dogs too much - so she'll have to go to medical science to help eliminate the stepwitch gene forever - yeah!!!

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I love my steps just as much as I love slow moving traffic, sunburn, and sweaty balls on my face. Some things and people in life you can't get a way from so you just sigh roll your eyes and tolerate.

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TickedOff, you're a better woman than I. I will NEVER roll my eyes and tolerate sweaty balls in my face! :jawdrop:

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Long story it was his birthday and well..... That's another story for a different kind of site.

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It's amazing what birthday balls can get away with... :jawdrop:
Ticked off - his kids should bow down and grovel in your very presence for making their dad so happy

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igiveup, so glad you had a chuckle - made me chuckle too thinking of your little one laughing just because mummy was laughting! Great!
Now I'm going to ask Jesus to forgive me... }:)

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Hahaha! Love this! :)Yes little one usually starts laughing along with me even if she has no idea what I am laughing about...who knows, maybe its my laugh Smile

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NOPE! If I never saw any of them (four of them) EVER again, I would be thrilled! They are miserable human beings. I don't know if I could feel differently should they actually be human towards me -- but it hasn't happened so far in 7+ years, so......nope!

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what did the ground ever do? Sheesh, first it had to have the skid walk all over it and now it gets hated on for it LOL You should feel sorry for that ground! It represents SM's the whole world over....

Can tolerate ss10, cannot stand sd13.

Love? It would be nice... one day.... I hope we achieve that but won't hold my breath.

I love that BM still lives and is an active force in their lives.... }:)

which reminds me.... OH just texted me a while back - we have to have the skids til 10:30pm tomorrow night as BM has a date...

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I love my skids. They love me too--but with reservations. I've had to disengage a little to survive the BM.

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winning the love or approval of the skids was never a priority for me. once they made it clear they saw me as a rival for the affections of their father and made physical threats to me and called me the worst names, i stopped caring.

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SD did things that showed me she disliked me from the beginning of the marriage. This went on for decades and I was stupid enough to keep trying to win her over. She got more cruel and sadistic as time went on. When I disengaged and banned SD from my home DH was on the phone telling SD she was "Not coming over for a while", he turned to me and exclaimed, "She says she LIKES you!" I replied so SD could over-hear it, "B.S., She doesn't like me and I don't like her." It was a very liberating experience. No more faking like we liked each other.

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Yea, I actually did love one of my SD's and my SS. I also used to love my first husband. Don't love any of them anymore. I didn't even like my other step daughter. She came off as a haughty narcissist from day one but I was always giving, caring and cordial to her.