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Living with adult step children

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My wife puts her adult step children before me. 

I’m I wrong for being upset about that?

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And... why exactly are you married to this woman?  You and the marriage must be her only top priority as she should be to you.   That she is taking advantage of you to support her adult spawn makes her and her shallow and polluted gene pool a write off.

Take care of you.

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More background is needed for advice/opinion. In what way do you think she is putting her adult kids kids before you? 

I am a firm believer that the relationship between spouses comes first. 

I pay money towards my adult son's university but it is also written in the separation agree but I assure you it is a lit less than what my DH who suffers from guilty father syndrome gives to his older son money submit subsidize his pot smoking habit and living beyond his means. 

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Absolutely spouses come first to each other.  That you pay for your son's university is the right thing to do for a parent.

I raised my SS as my own and would pay for his university studies if he was not proving them for himself through his career.

I nor his mother would fund drug use. We both would put his ass in jail for that.  Fortunately, he does not have that issue.  Neither would we fund his lifestyle. He must earn that for himself.

Someday he will get everything his mother and I have earned.  But until then, his standard of living is on him.

Congrats on a son who is transitioning into notable adulthood.

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I see from your bio that your step kids are all in their 20s - as such they should be moving out and setting up on their own. We need more background - like how long have you been together/married - why precisely have these young adults failed to launch?