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How to approach therapy

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I currently live with my boyfriend so to be husband and his 21 year old daughter moved back home, after failing in college.  He raised her and she moved back to her childhood home.  I did get her a good job and try to be there to be supportive.  But I do find it difficult to listen to her as she is only about boys and dates.  She does not talk to adults such as her aunts when they come over and she believes she does nothing wrong.  I was thinking since her mom was not there well she was growing up that maybe therapy or just talking to someone who do her some good.  Is it appropriate for me to suggest?  She does not have a group of girlfirends that I grew up with and still have them.  Her time to talk to someone is me and I do not feel comfortable being the girlfriend.  

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It sounds as though your STBSD is connecting with you as a friend, something we all wished for at one stage or another! However, if you feel she is relying on you as her only friend, might it be better to try to suggest places or groups where she might be able to befriend young women her own age rather than therapy?

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I think referring your boyfriends daughter to therapy could backfire. Let him recommend it and if he won't stay out of it.

My opinion is that everyone needs therapy. Maybe not everyday.......but not everyone shares that opinion. 

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I also think referring her to therapy could backfire.

You can let her know gently that you are not comfortable being "sounding board" and suggest that she look for activities for people in her age group so she can branch out and make friends.