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The Fun of Social Media

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My FIL has cancer so his daughter, my SIL, created a FB page for him and his family members as a support. I went on today and found that my husband's ex is a friend on this page. Really? The family absolutely hated this woman. My husband was married to her for 4 years and husband got full custody of the boys, they were relieved. Now, not only is she a friend on this page but she is also friends with my SILs. Are you kidding me????? I guess I should not have looked. I am literally shocked!

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FaceBook has caused so much trouble in my family. With friends it works great to share pics and keep in touch but family has been a whole other issue. I have closed my acct a couple times, taken inlaws off, blocked my SSs in an attempt to keep the gossip down but then I miss the interaction with my old friends that no longer live near.

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I am not shocked by anything that my DH's family does.

BM put him through hell, they all hated her blah, blah, blah. But they have been on and off friends with her since the split/divorce and it's been almost 20 years. They claim they have nothing to do with her anymore in real life (they have befriended her in the past) but they have her as a FB friend. I just don't get it.

We don't have FB but we hear tidbits. It's just ridiculous. It's just one of the reasons we keep his family at a distance, we don't trust them (both of his parents are deceased so I am not referring to them).

FB is the perfect outlet for BM to spew all of her fake bullshit.

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Block her. DH and I both had BioHo (and Mr. Pinhead) blocked on FB when we had accounts. And since she would use SD19's phone to look at my page, I had SD restricted to what she could see. So block her or delete your account.

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I have to rant......besides the inlaws not being able to say one nice thing about husband's ex, when she finally realized husband and I were dating she all of a sudden became interested in her sons, husband had full custody. I am a friendly type, get along with people and used to feel confident in getting along with others. I tried to befriend this woman as I felt it was best we get along for the sake of the children. Holy freaking cow. She let me know on no uncertain terms that I was not "their momma" and that if my husband were to have to leave town for any length of time she wanted them with her. One day I called her house when the boys were visiting her and she hung up the phone. I called back she told me to not call back, the boys didn't want to talk to me. Another time she let me know that her boys did not like me or my daughters. This woman was pure evil in my book. The boys would come home from a visit an tell us the lies she was telling them which we would then have to unravel. She sent a complaint to my husband's employer telling him that I was not allowing her to talk to her sons, it never happened. She claimed she heard their voices in the back ground. if she heard anything in the back ground it was the TV or radio but I never kept the boys from talking to her when she called, that her fun tricks! She sent a phony document to make it look like she was using an attorney and husband was to pay for boys plane ticket for a summer visit, it was ridiculous! If the boys got in trouble at home with us and one of them went to her telling her what I did or said she would then tell them that I didn't like them, she pulled the same crap with my husband.....we were dealing with a drinking issue with one of the boys and I felt she should know so I told her before the boys went to visit so she could watch him, she was friendly enough on the phone and then she turns around and tells my husband that the only reason I mentioned this was because I didn't like the boys.

Repeatedly she threatened that she was seeking an attorney to get custody and finally when the boys were like 15/16 and wanting to get jobs and spend their summers with friends they told her that they didn't want to do the summer visits any more. This was the first time that she was actually decent to me. She was all concerned as to why they didn't want to visit and I just told her they have a life here and they want to stay with heir friends. She then stopped threatening to seek an attorney. In the 4 years of high school the boys had she never visited once until oldest graduated and then all she could do was stare me down. My inlaws put on this huge sickening act of long lost friends.....a total switch from all these years of them bashing her. I realized then how two-faced these people are.

I went thru so much and did my best by the boys raise them and all I got form her was slams yet the boys rather than seeing her hatred and destructive ways saw anything that their mom did as being right. I was blamed and the family knew it so I find this hard to swallow.

Last night when I mentioned this to my husband, his response was, "I am not going to get upset because my ex in on this page." I just felt thrown under the bus not only by my inlaws (who might see if as the "Christian" way to do things) but by husband too who just wanted to blow this off like it was nothing.

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FakeBook is just lame. It keeps you in contact with people who would otherwise be long gone from your life. Who knows why the ex is on the page, but I agree with others to just block her.

I was FB free for an entire drama free year, so peaceful. Then I had to write a few business reviews for work through FakeBook. Reluctantly I created an account again. I have 4 whole "friends!" 2 business related, 1 family and 1 friend. All they post is drama crap. I sign on every few weeks only when I have to and it's always the same ol same ol.

I honestly don't care if someone "friends" me or is upset that I didn't "friend" them. Whatever, I just tell people it's a work related acct so I'm not on it much. Even told DH that I wasn't going to "friend" him on the new account. If I friend DH that links me to skids and BM's family...bleh, no thanks.