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Father's Day trip thoughts

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Father's Day trip advice.Hello all just want some feedback on an issue. DH tells me last week that the will be going out of state to spend Father's Day with his adult kids, ages 25 - 32. Eldest is a boy and the rest are girls. I tell him I would like to go and he replies that it is Father's Day weekend and he wants to ride his motorcycle. I can't ride motorcycle at this time due to a temporary medical issue. I still say I would like to go and again get told no because it Father's Day. There are 3 kids that live out of state and one that lives near us. The daughter that lives near us has turned the others against me so I really am not bothered to told to stay home. What are y'all's thoughts?

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do you have kids together?
if not, then id let this go. he probably just wants to be with his kids and maybe tey dont want you there.

if you have kids, then this is a bigger issue because he should have fathers day with your child too.

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I think it's better for you not to be around people who are turned against you. Consider it a gift.

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I'm confused. If you're not bothered to stay home then why did you ask (twice) to go with him? Especially if the skids have turned against you. I do agree with Jenna - it's a gift not to have to be involved with them! So find something fun and interesting to do on your own and be glad you don't have to deal with their nonsense.

I think the fact that your DH planned to ride his bike there (knowing you can't ride) is also an indicator that he didn't want you do go with, but maybe was too chicken to flat out tell you he didn't want you to do. When you pushed, then he said he didn't want you there because it's Fathers Day - that probably also means the kids told him they wanted him alone, not you. He used the bike a a cheap excuse to avoid confrontation with you, IMO.

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Sorry for not replying sooner. I am not bothered at being told to stay home just bothered by how my dh always says that I don't want to do anything with his kids. I wanted him to see that I was willing to even though they don't like me so that's why I asked twice. I have no children at all and no plans to ever have any. I do have other plans and I am glad to have a long weekend ALONE. 2Tired4Drama I think you nailed. But hey I'll do ok this weekend and hope y'all do the same!!!