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Difficulty with ex-wife

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Summer 2009 my husband divorces his ex-wife and she files a no-contact order on my husband stating that she feels threatened by his behavior, yet she continues to meet up with him, call, text, etc. When my husband asks about their joint son, she quickly ends the conversation or hangs up on him. Winter of 2009 my husband and I are married and his ex-wife soon marries. She calls the police back in July 2009 for my husband texting her about their son, which breaks the no-contact order. She has constantly set my husband up by texting or calling him and when things don't go her way then decides to call the police and say that my DH is breaking the no-contact order. Anyhow, fast-forward 2 years and she has still kept the child away from us and we are trying to see him. Court is soon and we are so frustrated by her and her actions. We have tried to make peace with her but she is just so difficult to deal with. DH and I have been married for almost 2 years and she still has NEVER talked, text, etc to me. I am unsure of how to deal with her and her cop husband who feeds her full of stuff to file on us..(i.e. stalking order, no-contact order, etc)

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Does your DH still have the text to prove she text him first? If he does then that would prove that she broke the order first.
Why wait this long to go to court and get visitation? Shouldn't that have been done when they divorced?