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Ok, what is the rule regarding sports participation with the Step Kids? Am I wrong?

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My husband coaches the baseball team my step son is on. This is the first year he is playing and my husband is coaching and we are in the second season now, did spring now we are doing fall ball. So anyway, I signed up to be a coach so I could sit in the dug out away from the BioMom who of course was welcome to the games and practices. So she gets mad because I am in the dug out, does alot of stomping her feet and saying nasty things about me to the other parents. I stay in the dug out because I am there to help my husband and I want to watch my step kids play without having to put up with her antagonizing me. Especially since that one incident a couple years ago. now we are in the second season, and at the start I told her she could not be in the dug out without a coaches form. So today 2 weeks later she shows up with the form, but today I tell her because we just checked on the rules, that she con't be in there unless the head coach, my husband approved her as a coach, which isn't going to happen. She tried to start a an argument, I walked away and got the league rep who backed me up. So she packed up the boys and left practice. It would not be such a big deal but she wants in there just to try and provoke me, and we are in the middle of a new custody dispute. She is lying and saying the boys are afraid of me, but the interaction that happens at practice says other wise. What should I do?

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Resign as sub-coach and let the boys be with their father. I know its tough to give in to the blackmail but its not worth putting the kids through this.

You take the high road - let her much about in the gutter. Your husband can let everyone know in a subtle way why you're missing.

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You are probably right. My husband got a call this morning from an "interested party" saying basically that as long as I am in the dug out the boys won't be coming back to practice. I can feel a little better if I do it on my own I guess, she was shut down by the league rep. I have to keep in mind it is about the boys. I hate the emotional blackmail though, and the using the boys as pawns to get what she wants. She doesn't even like baseball, she is there to support her kid, I get that, but that doesn't mean she gets to call the shots on how the team is run or demand she be allowed in the dugout. Our next hearing is on the 7th and I guess there is no good reason to cause waves now with that coming up. We are going to see a lawyer today, I am sure he will say the same thing you are. Thanks.

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You are my hero tonight! Thanks! and by the way parks and rec sided with me and told me not to step down, she needs to get over it. How about that.

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This is just more evidence for your case. Unfortunately your hands are tied because this will ultimately affect your stepkids. I would resign and let everyone know why (if they don't know already). What a beyotch BM is, she's a sad, sad shell of a person.