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Ok, what is the rule regarding sports participation with the Step Kids? Am I wrong?

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My husband coaches the baseball team my step son is on. This is the first year he is playing and my husband is coaching and we are in the second season now, did spring now we are doing fall ball. So anyway, I signed up to be a coach so I could sit in the dug out away from the BioMom who of course was welcome to the games and practices. So she gets mad because I am in the dug out, does alot of stomping her feet and saying nasty things about me to the other parents. I stay in the dug out because I am there to help my husband and I want to watch my step kids play without having to put up with her antagonizing me. Especially since that one incident a couple years ago. now we are in the second season, and at the start I told her she could not be in the dug out without a coaches form. So today 2 weeks later she shows up with the form, but today I tell her because we just checked on the rules, that she con't be in there unless the head coach, my husband approved her as a coach, which isn't going to happen. She tried to start a an argument, I walked away and got the league rep who backed me up. So she packed up the boys and left practice. It would not be such a big deal but she wants in there just to try and provoke me, and we are in the middle of a new custody dispute. She is lying and saying the boys are afraid of me, but the interaction that happens at practice says other wise. What should I do?

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Pathetic women who start this crap at kid's sports...amazing. If I were you, I'd stop going...I do NOT believe you are in the wrong here, I just think you need to stay away from a crazy woman like that.

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I know all she wants to do is provoke me into doing something outrageous which is why I push the issue about her staying outside the dugout, that chain link fence is my security blanket. The other thing is I am the score keeper for the team. She knows nothing about baseball. I do think about backing out, but this is some quality time I get to spend with my husband and the boys and I actually like baseball. Its not like I do it just to annoy her.

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I would not deal with that. I just wouldn’t go to the games. My SD plays soccer and DH goes to every single game, even when it’s not his week with SD (we have her every other week). BM of course is there on the weeks that she has SD and I just don’t feel like seeing her and dealing with that bs. I have better things to do. If BM weren’t in the picture, I would probably go but that’s not the case. I do not think you are in the wrong, but I just don’t think you need to deal with that.

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Personally, I would go. I would continue to do the scorekeeping etc. If the baseball association allows her in the be it. I would ignore her. She wants to come in the dugout and act like an be it....then everyone can see the kind of person she really is. I'm sure I'd be biting my tongue to the point of drawing blood, but there is no way I would let her chase me away from something I enjoy doing. Sounds like she needs to grow up.

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^ This,, you cant let her chase you away.. Some people have no class,, ignore her, shes not worth your time..

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My only concern with both of you in the dug out is how it will make your SS feel. It might be very stressful for him to have you both there. He'll feel a sense of obligation to pick his mom over you so maybe a compromise.

You in the dugout on your husbands weeks and bio mom in the dug out on her weeks. Tell her that she's responsible for keeping the score book when she's in there and when she screws up they'll ALL ask her to leave. Also, if she's really only doing it to get under your skin she'll loose interest fast when she's not in there with you.

If you present the compromise you look like the hero in both your husbands eyes and your SS! good luck and keep us all updated on how things go for you.

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Oh dear gosh!!! Please DONOT let that woman run you off!! Continue on just as normal. I'm pretty sure all the other parents know she is looney toons!!! This is YOUR life girl- do NOT give her that power!!!

Keep your head high. Tape (on video camera or phone camera) her antics then prove it in court. The kids are obviously signed up to play the damn sport- their Dad is the Coach & his WIFE (obviously you )is the teams score keeper!!!

Just as a chuckle here, how long have u been in the dugout? We're you in there in the Spring as well? If so- that ought to prove it!!!

I'm do sorry BM, but HELL NO you are NOT going to bump me out so that you can play "Family in the Dug out with your previously enjoyed family that you divorced out of!!!!! The damn nerve!!! Hold your ground girl!!! None of this is "up to her exclusively" Her kids will resent & hate her for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!