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Our court date was on on the 4th.......... WE GET THE KIDS NEXT WEEKEND!!!!!

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Well this was the first court date for the first set of papers we filed against BM. This was pertaining to her keeping the skids from us and not following the CO.
Evidently she called our attorney the night before to try to come to some sort of negotiation. So when DH went to court on the 4th ALL of the letters and all of what she filed with the courts was thrown out. She said she would agree to the new visitation between DH and his kids and would not fight him and would do the drive (half way) and would abide by it. Then she asked the judge if she could read a letter. He said ok. She proceeded to read a two page letter about how DH dumped his daughter off in another town for the summer and EXCLUDED her from all our activities and alienated her from her brothers. Um........ no. SD CHOSE to stay at her grandmother's. We NEVER not once said she wasn't allowed here. We set rules. We set boundries and she told BM and DH she would not follow them and would NOT stay in our home (because of me) THEN BM went on and on about DH financial issues and how she is suffering from them as well as the kids and please don't make them suffer any longer. She wrote about things from clear back in 2008. And wrote about how they are on hard times and how she is barely making it trying to support her kids on JUST her Child Support. And if it is lowered how will she surivive? She neglected to mention the food stamps she gets, the "once" in a lifetime scholaship she got and her live in BF of 6 years. Thankfully we have email after email of her gloating about how wonderful their life is and how they are financially stable and how DH isn't and bla bla bla......
Our attorney waited until she was done and told the Judge that they can rebut every single thing she said and have documentation of lies that she is trying to bring to the judge. The judge then said yes you are right there are two sides to every story. So DH will on Oct 25th present what we have to rebuttle her blatant lies. She told the courts we are lying and do not have any payment plans on any medical bills for the kids. Um are you serious? We have letters from each doctor's office stating we have a payment arrangement in order and copies of our payments each month. She is trying to tell the courts she paid ALL the medical bills and wants half of that money awarded to her.
Later that day we got an email from some friends. She posted on facebook about how she was going to court with no representation and then proceeded to throw DH under the bus in many paragraphs about his financial issues (meaning she wants more money) and how he has family helping him pay for an attorney and she has no family to do that and how he isn't accountable for anything since his family is helping with the attorney fees.
THEN later that night she texted like she always does at like midnight. I don't want your dirty money. I don't want anything from you, take this to your attorney. I am dropping the contempt I have on you for back Child Support. She actually thinks he owes back child support... she is an idiot. She told him she isn't doing this anymore. This game is over bla bla bla. She will survive just like she always has. Then she said I will do as you requested and get a JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to laugh. Yea right........

Then the texts from SD started. Told DH no judge will make her come here. And how could he do this to them. Um HE is fighting to see them!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! Then she texted in BIG BOLD LETTERS. Oh I forgot you have your MOMMY to pay for your attorney. You are a SPOILED ROTTEN BRAT DAD!

PFFFFTTTTTTTT funny this is from the kid who just last week called my DH to see if that MOMMY (her grandma) would put her on their phone plan so she could have internet. AND that same SD also called the week before that making sure that MOMMY (her grandmother) had that graduation money for her when she graduated. Funny how as long as somebody is fluffing her money train its all good but if they help somebody else and have told her no (they didn't put her on their phone plan) she is bent. EXACTLY like her damn mother.

I look forward to Oct 25th. I look forward to her bringing all her ledgers from 2002 on..... dumb bitch doesn't she realize when you are married they are BOTH your bills. You cant come in there thinking you are something else because you kept a ledger from when you were married. Maybe she ought to look at the divorce papers she had drew up with her lawyer friend and reread the part where she put she would pay ALL MEDICAL bills.............

I know nobody wins in family court but she is going to have a few things handed to her. And I for one can't wait.

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Ask your attorney about referring a perjury case to the DA. Our lawyer did that with my husband's ex and she almost fainted in the court room.

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Definately a good idea to bare the opposition's ass in front of the judge when you can make a credible claim for perjury, contempt, etc... In my layman's opinion.

Our favorite ass baring tactic was to counter the SpermClan's request for my income to be considered to lower their CS by requesting that the SpermGrandParents income be added to the SpermIdiot's income for calculation of the CS owed for my SS. Every time we countered their BS with our well documented supported claim against the SGP's income SpermGrandPa would nearly stroke out and SpermGrandMa would go all banshee in front of judge. We justified our claim by clearly documenting that DickHead lived in a property owned by SpermGrandMa and SpermGrandPa rent free, the SGPs raised his younger three OOWL spawn in their home in a different school district with no help from DickHead and the SGPs paid my SS's CS obligation Interestingly the Judge would always accept our request for review.

Unfortunately our motion was never granted and also unfortunately the SpermIdiot always got at $1000/mo income credit due to my high income or as the judge would word it "StepDad makes a significant income that significantly improves the child's standard of living and BioDad should not have to unduely support an artificially elevated lifestyle for the child." The credit only reduced CS by $50.00/mo so it was no big deal from our end.

That was all well and good until my wife finished her dual major BS with honors, an MBA with honors, became a CPA and eclipsed the combined income of the SpermIdiot, SpermGrandMa and SpermGrandPa combined. They would salivate thinking that as her income went up that DickHead's CS would go down. It was always fun to watch them freak when their motion to ammend CS and modify it downward resulted in a notable increase. They never researched the CS formula to predict the outcome of their CS modification requests. We knew that even though as my wife's income increased and her % responsibility for support of SS would go up the total amount of money available for support of SS's far out paced the reduction in DickHead's % of responsibility and even as he added more OOWL spawn to his brood his CS obligation to my SS would increase.

They tried to lower it twice over the 17+ years the CO was in force. Both times it went WAY up. The finally learned to not try to modify. This also gave us more leverage because they knew if they pissed us off we could file and amendment and CS would go up. The last 5 years of the CO were mostly uneventful with the few exceptions of us having to tell them to knock off their crap or we would see them in court.

My very wordy point is to leverage any viable legal tool you have to keep the opposition under control.

Good luck.