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My husband has been divorced for 8 years, from that marriage he has a son whos 9. His ex wife has kept very close contact with my inlaws which has resulted in alot of problems. My husbands parents are divorced and he has a stressed relationship with his mother due to her mental instability and the fact she was abusive to him as a child. He has expressed to his mother several times that her close relationship with his ex wife is causing problems and that he wants her to set boundries. She refuses. She constantly tells the ex wife horrible things about us and at times has even told SS lies. Its starting to cause confusion and emotional distress for SS. He expalined to his mother that she will not be included in our lives if this continues and she still refuses to respect our wishes. So presently we are not associating with her. The problem is the ex wife completely ignores my husbands decision and takes SS to see Grandma when ever. Which is resulting in more confusion for SS. What are our legal rights? Or does anyone have advice on how to fix this problem. Thanks in advance

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You can't fix it or change it. I would stay away from Grannie and everytime the lies get back to you tell that person the truth.