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Court decisions don't seem to matter

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My husband and I have spent about $20,000 just since May. We have a great lawyer, but lawyers cost money. Not sure what we can do if the court tells us we have something and the wicked BM will NOT comply. The courts just want us to keep filing motions. No one has that kind of money. My husband is unemployed as of the moment because the evil BM tries everything in her power to try and get him in trouble. She has a Final Restraining Order (FRO) because she lies to the police and court ALL the time. Her family is politically connected in many ways which is why I think it was even granted, but I wouldn't even care about it if it worked BOTH WAYS!!! Apparently it doesn't! She can claim anything under the sun and they come after my husband. (who by the way is a Warm and Loving Person who treats me like gold in every way)But with this stupid FRO in place and ONLY working one way she gets to harrass us day and night. Then on top of it, no matter what the court decision is, she takes it upon herself to do the opposite and the only way they (the lawyers and cops) say we can do anything about it is to take her back to court! With what money???? How many times can you go? I mean the last court decision the judge told her and us that my husband DOES have rights to get information from the schools and other providers, but the exwife emailed him a nasty letter saying that she will answer any questions he has, and that the schools and providers don't want to talk to him. That would be fine but the woman told the court 3 days ago that she wants him to go get the info himself because "she is not his personal secretary". Nevermind we have tried that in the past and she wont answer anything honestly, so no he doesn't want info from her, he wants it from the providers themselves. How do you handle something like this? how can this go on? It is ridiculous! Nevermind that all this stress on my already High Risk pregnancy is taking its toll. And my favorite quote the other day from my stepsons was "Can they take the baby to jail too?" Gotta love it! Any ideas?

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The only thing I can offer is to tell you that you don't have to have an attorney every time you make a filing. Most of what you need to do, you can do on your own. Your attorney won't tell you this, of course, because he wants your money.

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Yes we tried to file our own motions but she has a superlawyer attorney (if you know what that is... like he won awards) and he and her are family friends I think so he plays games with the courts and postpones things all the time until they are a mute point. My husband has a Superlawyer too now, because that is the only way we could get anywhere. Even the divorce attorney in the area say that this attorney is a major game player and that they charge extra to go again him. One attorney said "Look the guy would sue his OWN MOTHER if he could" that's a direct quote. So when he tried to go pro se the first time I bought law books on how to go pro se and file motions in family court and we got eaten alive! So that is when we got our Superlawyer, but money is almost completely gone. But thank you so very much for responding it means a lot to me.
- Cristale54

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If the court issued an Order allowing him to get the information send that Order to the providers, they have no choice then BUT to provide you with the information. As far as the motions, I would wait a little time, document everything and the efforts that you make to have her comply. If she still refuses (especially if the court has already instructed her to comply before) then ask for sanctions which might require her to pay his attorney's bills.

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We also had a lawyer but later started representing ourselves. Make sure you are filling the correct form for the reason. You can speak just as well as the lawyers because you are the ones giving lawyer all the info in the first place. We do it all the time and still have 8 more years to go!!!

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We went through several attorneys before we finally found our, as you refer to them, superlawyer attorney. The order of paternity was issued in SpermLand a few months before my DW and I met. She moved out of state with SS to attend university. We met there.

Though always on the edge of financial ruin the SpermClan is well connected in the legal community in SpermLand. SpermGrandMa cleans offices and homes for several judges and attorneys in SpermLand county and they are all more than happy to give her advice. It was not until we found our shark attorney that we were able bring the pain on the SpermIdiot and the rest of the SpermClan. Interestingly it was much less expensive for us once we got our good attorney than it was with the marginal attorney we started with. He was able to do with a letter and a phone call more than the other attorney could accomplish with several trips to court.

It sounds as if your superlawyer attoreny made all of the difference for you since BM has now signed.