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Court approves motion to change location of custody pursuit....

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We are actively seeking full custody of my SS11. He made allegations of abuse by BMs husband in July. Hubs called BM and told her it was time SS live with us- she agreed wholeheartedly saying she couldn't "control him anymore" yadda yadda yadda. So, we ask an attorney to draw up papers asking for full custody. Attorney advises us to wait until school starts so we can insist on keeping status quo if she fights the custody change.

Fast forward- we filed here (she lives 2 hours away). She shows up to court 10 min late and without a lawyer and wants to fight the whole thing. A GAL was appointed, status quo was kept, she gets visitation with court orders that her husband isn't to be around and she is not to chit chat w/SS about the case. So hubs and SS do the GAL thing, pay our 50% and wait for BM to call GAL, pay her 50%, find a lawyer and get back to court.

So, 2nd court date arrives, she has a lawyer that she hired the day before and they request SS go back to BMs house and start school there- a month in. Ha. No way. Then they request that the case be moved to where she lives so she can bring in teachers, family, friends, coaches to testify that he was happy living with BM and her husband who likes to push kids around- and it's granted. Not ideal- but whatever, right? ANY court will agree--that just because a child is "used" to getting hit/pushed around/called names and would probably say that he'd rather live there (candy, video games, and shopping sprees are wonderful bribing mechanisms to an 11 year-old, btw Lol -- doesn't mean it's the best place for him.

So it turns out that BM has yet to pay GAL her 50%. Knowing her- she probably won't. And her attorney approached my husband afterwards and said "I know more than you think I do". What is that even supposed to mean? We have nothing to hide and the only advantages she has is that my hubs wasn't really involved in his school there (2 hours away, always a good student, no issues), and only attended a handful of SSs baseball games the past 2 years bc the first year our daughter was born, and then the second year hubs asked her not to put him in the second baseball league bc it interfered with visitation time- and she did it anyway.

I know we are a better household for SS. We are stable, safe, sane. Etc. but I can't help be worried that her sociopathic ways will prevail. Just need some advice, support encouragement. It's been tough finding a place to levelheadedly vent/ find advice.

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The bastard attorney is trying to intimidate you. Never believe a word they say. They will lie to their dying mother to win a case. If he had something he would have used it and what could it be? Your husband is a registered sex offender? HE knows more than ANY attorney knows and if he has nothing to hide then nothing is there to know.

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Beauty of an idiot who gives your DH a grin and "I know more than you think I do" is that when there is nothing to know, that person has exposed themself as an idiot. There is nothing better than knowing that the oppostion has hired an idiot as an attorney.

You and DH keep doing the right things and let the idiot opposition attorney get on with his idiot self. Then you and your family with character and quality attorney can hand the oppostion their asses in court.

Have fun.

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My husband has always been the CP, jurisdiction remained in the divorce state even tho kids had not lived there since 1997, and we always had to travel back to "divorce state" for big court dates. He had some telephonic hearings as well. I remember we were outside in the hallway waiting for the case to start and BM's attorney screamed in my husband's face "You are toast!" Ummm I guess he forgot the case was about his client being 20K+ in arrears for child support (which was a pathetic amount for two kids times 16 years). She was the person that was "toast". I think sometimes these egomaniacs just like to hear themselves speak. It was so funny, because my husband went pro se against this lawyer and always won. I tried to tell Mr. Esquire that lawyers can't change facts like 3 DUIs in 3 years, evictions, non payment of child support, welfare fraud, etc. After that counsel withdrew from BM Wink