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Yet another update to sd graduation (this one makes me laugh)

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At the end of graduation, SD wanted pivots with everyone (i knew there would be pictures so i had mentally prepared myself for this part). Sd with her grandparents, SD with her fake aunt and uncle(just friends of BM), Sd with BM and stepdad, SD with BM and DH, SD with DH and me, SD with dds, and sd with dh's uncle. 

Well since dh's uncle is newly reunited and was at the graduation, he sent me a picture he was talking about at the graduation, but he had to add me a friend back on Facebook.  So after seeing the picture, i went to look at his Facebook, which i saw SD tagged him in the pictures. So i went to look at them, because i wanted to see dh's and my picture, because i wanted to show DH, but that picture wasn't there... SD with dd's picture were there, sd with dh and BM was there, two pictures of Sd with BM and her step dad, but i was nowhere to be seen, which is HILARIOUS to me.

I find this hilarious for a few reasons. 1st reason is it just furthers my reasoning to believe that was planned, 2nd reason, it shows how much i bother her (even though i treat her pleasantly, more pleasantly than i do my own kids),3rd reason is that EVERYONE gets to see how petty she is. It's on FULL display for everyone that she knows. 

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Someone one needs to ask her or even better, share your photo in the comment section and say you forgot one. 

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We are too often not believed or called 'too sensitive' and omissions by Skids are said to be honest mistakes...that's nonsense and an opportunity to note it should never be missed!  With hearts and smileys 

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A positive view on this is that BM and all her cronies aren’t looking at photos of you and being critical, personally I wouldn’t even want my bios on her page, after all she has put your daughter through.

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Trust me, if they were younger I'd be fuming! Sd always used to all for pictures of the DDs when they were all younger, but i never allowed her to have pictures of my DDs, and everyone thought i was being unreasonable

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Also, trust me, it doesn't hurt my feelings in the slightest, i find it absolutely hilarious. I don't want to be on her page at all.

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Must be a mistake,,,  that bad Facebook did it,,,,, it was lost in the cloud.  That mean cloud.  
Just reinforcing how you feel.  But I sure DH will find an excuse 

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Lol right? It was so funny, she came for a visit yesterday (because dd18 is here) and she was talking about the pictures, and the fact that she couldn't find the pictorials with dd18 dd19 and dd18's boyfriend.  Then realized those pictures were on someone else's camera. I think she was trying to explain why my pictures weren't there (which i never even brought up pictures). I know they were on her camera or her mom's because the order the pictures mine was taken in-between ones that were there. When you just don't care anymore, it's so funny to watch them squirm, so much of what used to hurt my feelings is absolutely hilarious now. The only things that she does now that makes me angry is when she hurts my daughters or husband.  Everything else is just soooo hilarious. 

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Well, at least your Meh about it.