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What do i do? Covid 19

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Just a quick one... my stepdaughter has been at a house where someone has now tested positive for covid 19 - as this was just a general test for his work he wasn't there when she was however he tested positive the following day. My issue is that as she hasn't been in 'direct contact' with who tested positive she has been in the house of someone who has and would have touched surfaces etc i've asked my partner if we can not have her this weekend as i'm concerned that she may have picked it up and it isn't really worth the risk of passing it on to me and my daughter unneccessarily and also him as he won't be able to go to work if he gets it or has to isolate. He is arguing that she wasn't in direct contact so he'll still be having her unless his mum and brother test positive (they were tested this morning as his brother started to feel rough). I feel like my role to keep my daughter safe is being taken away from me and he's putting my daughters health at risk just to 'see' his daughter. I understand he would obviously miss her but i now feel like him seeing his daughter is now prioritised over my daughter and my health which i don't think i can cope with. He moved in with me into my home also so I feel like he's making me feel uncomfortable in my own home by having her as obviously with lockdown I can't go anywhere else. What would you do? Am i being unreasonable? Honest opinions please! 

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Plain and simple. If he doesn't like it, have him get a hotel room for his visitation weekend. No way would I risk myself or my child to a possible CoVid infection. Tell him it's standard procedure. Gawd. This is ridiculous. It's a Pandemic. What the hell is he thinking???

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I told him this but he thinks she doesnt have to isolate as she wasnt in direct contact with who tested positive. He also chose to have his daughter when my daughter should have been isolating... i let him make that choice as her parent and her mum does anything to get rid of her child cause she's hard work...

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She is considered to have been exposed and will need to quarantine.

Keeping your household safe from Covid trumps him seeing her. Everybody's health and ability to go to work trumps him seeing her. Yes, he will miss her but he's a big boy and will be fine.

You are not being unreasonable, he is.

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Or take yours to one for 2 weeks.  He needs to take your concerns seriously - it isn't a trivial thing and he can't confirm she wasn't exposed to this other person enough to contract the virus.

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COVID is transmitted primarily by droplets in the air, so it's unlikely she'd be considered exposed just because she was in the home of someone who later tested positive.

You aren't even considered exposed if you've been in the same room with someone with COVID, if you were six feet apart and masked - since it's primarily breathing their air that is the concern.

So honestly, to me - yes, you are being unreasonable at this point.

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I would be concerned that the infected person may not be the only person in the other household that might be positive. If the other people in that household test negative, then that might be different.

No, I wouldn't be concerned about being in a place that an infected person was in, but rather around other people that the infected person was around and may have infected.

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That might be a consideration, that’s not clear. But just touching surfaces is very low risk. I wonder if OP would be okay being away from her kid for two weeks due to something that’s not even considered an exposure?