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Bad behaviour

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Basically I have a 6 year old daughter, and my partner has a 3 year old daughter... we've now progressed from a few tantrums a day to kick offs every time we ask his daughter to do something. I'm very strict with the parenting game and i warn them once and if they ignore me they go straight on the naughty step (my daughter hasnt been on there for months - as she now listens first time) however his 3 year old's behaviour is getting progressively worse. We're 99% sure that there is no discipline while she's with her mother. Her mother got called into nursery because a little boy pushed her over, so she threatened that 'if you do it again, i'll rip you with the scissors'. Which personally i find SHOCKING to come out of a 3 year olds mouth... she has called my daughter a 'fucker' and in the right context and my partner went 'i thought we ignored swearing' and i went 'yes, if its copied from us! Not when she's using it the right context as that's disgusting!'. She now tries to hit us, she kicks off over everything and tries to kick us and she even snarls when she gets angry. Does anyone have any idea how to deal with this when you have one child who behaves and the other who is like a possessed demon when she loses her temper? I personally would start taking her toys from her, and not taking her out for days whether its our weekend or not - even when my partner says 'its his only time with her'! Her mum tries to get rid of her any chance she gets yet he moans at me when i remove myself from the situation as his discipline is pathetic... he threatens her with the step about 6/7 times before he actually follows through! Its frustrating when i know my way works! 

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Well, frankly, he needs to step up HIS parenting game rather than criticizing BM. You should remove yourself, as in leave with your kid so he can parent his daughter. It's not your job.

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I'm going to guess she got away with all these things until you came along. That s why there is so much backlash. DH needs to do all disapline and be consistent. You need to step back. It always gets worse before it gets better (extinction burst).

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You married an idiot.  Not only is he a shitty parent, he is not man enough to confer with his mate who is a superior parent in order to figure out how to effectively parent his failed family pelvic sputum.


Take care of  you and  your child and get on with YOUR life.