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Toxic Troll & Feral Forger

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Apparently - right after posting - I get a call.

DH is going to pick up Munchkin SD. From Toxic Trolls apartment.

Toxic Troll BM has been drinking a lot over the past week and weekend, has been out since last night, and Munchkin thinks she is still drunk. She wants to stay with us and not go back for a while. She got the ok, from her mother.

She was crying on the phone to me and its breaking my heart!

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If this is true, I'm sorry. But it does seem suspicious that this drama popped up right after Munchkin got busted for lying and not doing any school work. Could she be using manipulation and misdirection in an attempt to avoid punishment?

CODs learn how to manipulate and play their parents off one another at a young age. And, you know that girls can be far worse.

This is likely not the first time TT has abused drugs and alcohol around her kids. I get that you want to protect Munchkin, but don't let her play you.

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I want to believe her.

Now that its a few hours later, she is beginning to doubt that its bad enough to leave. She didnt get into too much trouble over the school work (just a threat), and its a new week - I dont think she is manipulating.

Shes caught up in that enabling cycle of being upset then being worried. The issue is the mother isnt sheltering in place and Munchkin wants her to not go out all over, respect her wishes. And then the mother goes out all night and was slurring her speach this morning.

Shes obviously in turmoil, and being a teen EVERYTHING is an emergency, and cry-worthy. 

Ah Julie - I fall for the tears every time.

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I'm sorry, the pull of the GUBM is always too strong for these kids.

Spawn was like this with Meth Mouth, I had to stop caring after awhile.  Spawn would cry about Meth Mouth claim she wouldn't want to go see her and then BAM!! She would turn around and tell us how much she loved Meth Mouth and needed to be with her.

Sadly these kids grow up with these very toxic co-dependent relationships and never really break free because somewhere at their core they believe they can save their parent. 

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Yes, this - exactly. I too used to feel bad for SS when he'd complain about how awful BM was, yadda yadda yadda. Now he's 20 and still attached by the umbilical cord. Recently he was texting DH about a big fight he and BM had, and how he was never speaking to her again once he moved out ... YAWN.  DH still gets caught in the drama, I just don't care anymore.  He's got a sick relationship with BM. He's been fighting like lovers with her since he was a pre-teen and he's still 100% dependent on her.

It's one of those hopeless situations that I for sure can't fix, so I just detached myself from it.

OP - I too used to swing around with SS's moods as you do with Munchkin's. You are just caught on the emotional roller coaster like she is.

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Sad.  These dipshits never learn. Even when their idiot moves continuously bite them in the ass.  And even worse, their kids are the ones who suffer.