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This summer has been CRAZY

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So with SD skipping out on us the first DAY of her extended visitation with DH, we went on vacation with out her, there is a very real possibility that i wont see her until AFTER my birthday (YAY!). that was INSANE though.

my sister and her husband got covid, they took the whole pandemic as a joke, my BIL STILL posts memes about how the government is trying to mind control everyone),

my husband found out, through his cousin, that his uncle (that he hasn't seen or spoken to since his dad passed because DH didn't split his NONEXSISTENT inheritence with him) is in the ICU with it. This uncle is also the uncle that came to my husband's brother's funeral, and didn't speak to DH, not even to give condolences. Of course hes still family and DH is still sad.

I also found out (through the grape vine) that my EXhusband passed away because his brain cancer came back. I left him because he was abusive to my kids from a previous marriage that I was being abused in.

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it really has. I literally feel so numb from it all at his point. Like I have no more feels to feel. Like I hate my ex, but I didn't want him to die. I didn't like my husband's uncle, but do i want him in ICU for Covid? no... My BIL is family, and I wish that he'd take things seriously, but it's all a big joke for him, which puts all my neices and nephews over there in danger due to his stupidity.

watching SD go insane, and her mother REFUSING to get help for her and DH literally cannot do anything, make any medical or psychiatric decision, SD basically tearing our family apart for so many year, with me picking up the peices of my family behind her for all these year was tedious, I was literally at my wits end, her losing her mind, as aweful as a situation that was, the break has been welcome, my kids see the things I've said for all these years, that SD is purposefully turning people against each other, that she is lying about the most STRANGEST things to get people in trouble. she manipulates situations to get what she wants. (one of the STRANGEST things she's done to manipulate people was when they were little all three girls spent the night at my mom's house so that we could go on a date night, and I gave her a hug, then oldest DD, then youngest DD, she'd go back in for another hug, to 'make sure' she got the last hug, but I knew what she was doing, so I'd go back and give everyone a hug, EVERYTIME she'd go get 'the last' hug, this happened 3 or 4 times, until i was like, ok that's enough, making sure that youngest DD (who had extreme anxiety about sleeping away from home). now EVERYONE sees it, and that is a releif for me, as CRAZY as it sounds, I am glad that everyone can at least ARM themselves now that they at least KNOW what to expect.

What to expect, EVERY interaction can (and likely WILL be) fuel for some explosion.

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And I totally forgot I poured BOILING water on myself and my dog because I tripped over said dog, resulting in severe 2nd degree burns, that I had to keep medicine and bandages on for week

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How old is your SD?

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I'm so sorry for all that you and your family are going through. It's emotional, even when there are underlying relationship issues.

I was just thinking the same thing today (while at hospice, visiting my sister-in-law). Summer from HELL.

Three family members with cancer (including my actual sister), the death of my and my DH's 30 year old niece 2 weeks ago (colon cancer), our other niece has had Covid twice (and some other issues), and my SIL (in hospice) probably has 2 weeks, at the most (started as throat cancer and spread).

The only good news has been that our niece with Covid recovered both times, and my sister is expected to be okay (after a double mastectomy).

Wow, that is the first time that I have let that all out (my real life friends don't even know). Sorry (to unload on your thread) and thanks, at the same time.