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Yes, I know I might just be being petty but.....

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Today my DH got a phone call from MIL that his uncle passed away. I acutally really like this uncle of his ALOT.
My Dh, not even 3 hrs later, got a text from MMM (BM). Stating that she was sorry to hear about the uncle's death. We were both like :jawdrop: :jawdrop: how does she know?, without DH even answering her text she sent him another one saying that his cousin/sister FB her. (It is his cousin, but MIL raised her like one of her own, so Dh sees her as a sister more so)
This sister, I will call her M, didnt post it to her FB page she sent a PM to MMM.
Dh and I can't figure out why M is telling MMM (they were not close at all, and havent spoken in 10+ yrs) about the uncle. M hasnt even said anything to DH about any of it. Dh hopes that MMM doesnt show up to this funeral. She hasnt shown u to any of the other family memebers funeral, with the exception of DH sister who passed last spring, and there have been over 8 of them since we got together.
It irratates me that this sister wont talk to her own "family" but will talk to the XW whom she didnt like when DH and her were married.


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No, your not being petty at all. Just try your best to get through it and not let it get to you. We just cannot figure people out sometimes.

Good luck!!